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"Mutant" is a gametype introduced in UT2003's Epic Bonus Pack. It is a mix of previously released King of the Hill and Cloak Match gametypes, where one player becomes superior to the others.

Mutant's preview from the UT2004 menu


It is very similar to Deathmatch; all players start in a deathmatch setting with all weapons, and the first player to kill becomes the "mutant." This player receives unlimited ammo and the Invisibility, Berserk, and Speed powerups for an indefinite amount of time. But he slowly loses health and can't pick up any health items. When the mutant is killed, the mutant powers are passed to the killer. The player in last place is called the "Bottom Feeder." Only the mutant and bottom feeder can kill players that do not hold those titles.

Mutant is among the less-popular gametypes, and its gameplay is reminiscent of King of the Hill and Cloak Match. It can be played on any deathmatch map.

If only one player is in a Mutant game, that player is assigned the role of "Bottom Feeder" automatically.


Strategy in Mutant essentially consists of becoming the mutant, because this grants the ability to kill with ease. Taking the UDamage powerup also makes the Mutant extremely powerful, but identifies his location with the purple glow. Problems arise when the mutant is winning, because the invisibility powerup makes it easy to camp and other players (excluding the Bottom Feeder, who is in last place and so not a threat) cannot kill each other. However, when camping, the mutant and Bottom Feeder are alerted with text on the screen reading "You are camping!" and will eventually begin to take damage if no other players are damaged.

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