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Ion Plasma Tank

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The Ion Plasma Tank is one of the most powerful vehicles in UT2004, second only to the Leviathan. It is only seen in the map AS-Glacier and is necessary for the attackers to win on that map.

Ion Plasma Tank in AS-Glacier

Fire Modes

The primary firing mode is a devastating energy blast that can essentially kill anyone within a large radius in one shot. While the blast is extremely powerful it takes time to charge each shot. It works similar to the Ion Cannon.

The secondary firing mode is more defensive in that it is a shock wave designed to push people away (i.e. defenders in AS-Glacier). It's not often useful.

Additionally there is a machine gun turret for a passenger to man that pretty much works the same way as the Goliath tank's secondary turret.

Tactics against the Ion Plasma Tank

See: AS-Glacier

Tactics using the Ion Plasma Tank

See: AS-Glacier