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Absalom is the capital city on Omicron. It also serves as the center of religious faith for the Necris. Despite a very shallow pretense to the contrary, the Necris have slowly taken over control of the government, and it is predicted that within the next century every living soul on Omicron will have undergone the Necris conversion.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Screenshot of Necropolis
Full title Necropolis
Players 6-10
Music JesperNecris01
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Vehicle Capture the Flag

Map Description

The map is divided in the two bases and a relatively open mid-field with a bridge connecting the upper base exits. For each base there are five ways in and out: the upper exit via the bridge, the left and right side exits with the power-up chambers and the left and right front exits through the lower part of the building that separates the base from the mid-field.

The Jump Boots in the front building allow reaching the bridge from one of the lower front exits. The front exits can, however, be temporarily closed by standing on a trigger between the Scavenger and Nemesis spawn points.

Weapons & Pickups

Key guide of vCTF-Necropolis by KurlonT.


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Shock Rifle 4 6 1 near each flag in the upper building entrance.
1 on the ledge at the water near the right side base exits.
Link Gun 10 4 In weapon lockers, 1 for each player spawn area.
Stinger Minigun 2 6 In front of the power-up chamber at the left side base exits.
Flak Cannon 10 4 In weapon lockers, 1 for each player spawn area.
Rocket Launcher 4 8 1 in front of the power-up chamber at the right side base exits.
1 in front of each base under the bridge.
AVRiL 6 8 1 behind each flag, on at each upper base exit.
1 under the bridge in front of each base.
Sniper Rifle 4 8 1 at each upper base exit.
1 on a small catwalk in the room behind each flag.
Redeemer 1 - In the middle of the bridge.


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 28 2x1 below each of the four small Shock Rifle/shock ammo ledges at the water pools in the middle of the map.
2x1 in each base on the ledges to the left and right below the bridge from the flag to the building, along with some ammo.
2x at each AVRiL ammo pack at the base and mid-field ends of each side base exit.
Health Pack 10 1x in the small rooms below each of the four small Shock Rifle/shock ammo ledges at the water pools in the middle of the map.
1x on the upper floor of the front building in each base.
2x in the small room behind each flag.
Big Keg O' Health 2 In the power-up chambers at the left side base exits.
Armor 1 In the pool of water opposite to the Darkwalker.
UDamage 2 In the power-up chambers at the right side base exits.
Jump Boots 2 In an alcove near each Scavenger.


Vehicle/Turret Count Location
Viper 4 2 in each base near the lower left and lower right player spawn areas.
Nemesis 2 1 in each base in the front building.
Scavenger 2 1 near the player spawn area behind each flag.
Nightshade 2 1 in each base below the bridge from the flag to the front building.
Darkwalker 1 Neutral, on a platform in a water pool in the center opposite to the Armor Vest.



  • The Nightshade's deployables are more useful in the enemy base than in your own.
  • To get the Darkwalker onto the central bridge, you can use the tentacles at the left and right side.


  • Play with world detail set to 2 or higher, otherwise you won't be able to see the cloaked Nightshade.
  • The Nemesis and Darkwalker make a strong defense team if used to control both sides of the middle area.
  • Stand on the trigger between the Nemesis and Scavenger spawn points to close the front doors.
  • Shoot the lights above the power-up chambers in the side exit routes to burn players who are trying to get the power-up.

Campaign Info

After losing the war, Akasha is about as popular here as we are. Malcolm's getting intel through a secret informant - probably a leak in the Phayder corporation. Akasha is hiding in the city of Absalom, surrounding herself with her last loyal crew of blackguard assassins. Lets see if they're willing to die for her.

Mission Objectives

  • Disable the enemy Respawner by removing its FLaGs.
  • The Darkwalker near the central aqueduct is available to both teams.
  • Shoot the lights to call a wave of flames that consumes enemies near power ups.

Win this match to unlock the Instagib card.

Mission Chat

(At the beginning of the match)

Jester: Welcome to the Necris capital.
Reaper: It's beautiful... and... horrible.
Othello: It's a nanoblack thing, Reaper. You just wouldn't understand...
Jester: So where are the thousands of Phayder Assassins hiding?
Othello: Maybe they haven't noticed us.
Jester: Suuure. "Ronin" and "stealthy" go so well together...

(The team spots Akasha)

Akasha: Fly forth and find them. Search every place. Kill everyone.
Reaper: Akasha! She's here!
Jester: Stay on her!

(After the Necris score against Ronin)

(First capture) Akasha: What fools, to follow me here!
(Third capture) Akasha: I am High Inquisitor. You WILL obey.

(After Ronin scores against the Necris)

(First capture) Akasha: Who told you I was here?
(Third capture) Akasha: Take no pride in victory. Soon I will be invincible!