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Life in Tokaido relies heavily on the infrastructure of the Kimpu Market District. People purchase food there, shop, gather for social occasions, and even buy their fuel in this one centralized location. In a surprise move, a terrorist cell has invaded the Market, scared off the locals, and shut down all business in and out of the district.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Market District
Author(s) Epic Games
Players 6-10
Music RomAsia02 (Arrangement B)
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Warfare

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Enforcer - 2
Shock Rifle 2 6
Link Gun 8 10 6x Weapon Locker alongside Flak Cannon and Stinger Minigun.
2x Weapon Locker alongside Rocket Launcher.
Stinger Minigun 10 10 6x Weapon Locker alongside Flak Cannon and Link Gun.
Flak Cannon 6 6 6x Weapon Locker alongside Link Gun and Stinger Minigun.
Rocket Launcher 4 11 2x Weapon Locker alongside Link Gun.
Sniper Rifle 2 6


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 26
Health Pack 10
Thighpads 2
Armor 2
UDamage 2
Jump Boots 1 Below the Prime node.


Vehicle/Turret Count Location
Turret 2 One at each lateral node.


  • Holding the east and west node at the same time raises the enemy core so it can be attacked from outside the base.
  • Team ownership of the center node is indicated by the color of nearby lanterns.
  • Availability of the UDamage on each side is indicated by the "Buck Love" signs at both ends of the UDamage alleys.
  • When controlling a support node, you can use its nearby rail turret to defend the center node.

Campaign Info

Mission Objectives

  • Control the Prime Node to access your enemy's Core.
  • Control Support Nodes to unlock mobile laser turrets.
  • Use the mobile turrets to protect the Prime Node.
  • Short Circuit the enemy Core's coolant system by controlling both Support Nodes simultaneously.
  • An overheated Core raises into the open air and is vulnerable to turret fire.

Act I

Time to take down another power core. The old market centers both have nodes powering defense turrets. If we can take them both, we'll overload the enemy core shields and their core will be raised and exposed. Then we use the turrets to finish them off from a distance. We're using the 'Node Buster' Orb and Hoverboards this time. Expect more intel on the field.
  • Goal: 1 Core Destroyed
  • Enemy Faction: Iron Guard
  • Allies: Jester, Othello, Bishop
  • Enemies: Cain, Johnson, Karag, Wraith

Voice Chat

Othello: (does a Hoverboard spin jump) Sweet, Hoverboards! Thanks Uncle Malcolm!
Bishop: My deliverance shall be swift.
Othello: Come on Bishop! Let's see you grind those turret rails.

When a Ronin has the Orb:

Jester: Let's get that Orb to the Node!

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Act IV

When the Necris infected Taryd, they didn't draw the line between military and civilian targets. All the corporations are scrambling to defend their home colonies. The Necris have Izanagi's Kimpu market district under siege and have imposed martial law. This is exactly why we signed up, Ronin.
  • Goal: 1 Core Destroyed
  • Enemy Faction: Necris Black Legion
  • Allies: Jester, Othello, Bishop
  • Enemies: Scythe, Nocturne, Samael, Bargest

Voice Chat

Reaper: Keep an eye on those train stations.
Jester: Taking them both exposes the enemy core.
Othello: I like a good shortcut, lets do it!

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