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Screenshot of Alcazar
Full title Alcazar
Author(s) Legend Entertainment
Games Unreal II eXpanded MultiPlayer
Gametype eXpanded MultiPlayer


Alcazar is a big XMP level featuring two fortresses (alcazars) for each of the teams and a valley between them. It is known for its Z-Axis gameplay and a shattered bridge high above the clouds, connecting both fortresses directly.

Each of the bases have three floors, connected by teleporters that look like silver vertical water. There are one to three teleporters per floor. First floor has three teleporters: the one opposite the exit takes players directly to the Artifact node (third floor), while both of the two other teleporters take you to the second floor. Second floor has walkways that take you to jump pads that could be used as an alternative route to the Artifact node. Second floor also has an exit that leads to the shattered bridge, as well as Health and Energy stations. There is one unhackable Deploy Point per each floor.

The valley, as opposed to the identical alcazars, is not entirely symmetrical. There are two Raptors in a small structure near each base. There are two Energy Generators in the valley - one, called Valley Generator, is in a medium-sized concrete structure in the west of the valley, and the other one, called Underbridge Generator, is in the north-east of the valley in a canyon. Near the each of them are Juggernaut spawn points. Valley Generator has a bunker with a Health Station nearby. There are two Deploy Points - one is on top of a mountain in the east of the map, and the second one is near the red alcazar on a sand dune. Two more Harbinger spawn points are in the south-east near a steep dune and in the north-west, short way from the blue alcazar. Bunkers with Ammo and Health stations are scattered all across the valley.

The shattered bridge, accessible only from the second floor of both alcazars, is a huge bridge that is broken on both sides of it. The center is held in place by unknown forces. There you can find another Energy Generator, the Cloud Generator, a Deploy Point and two Raptors. There are also two Ammo Stations, an Energy Station and a Health station there. On both ends of the bridge are Health and Energy stations as well as Shield Wall triggers that are unique to this map. They, once activated, deploy a wall of energy that stops anyone from entering or exiting for a short period of time. The Shield Wall, however, doesn't extend all the way to the ground and allows any infantry to walk through freely, therefore rendering the wall useless. Both triggers can be hacked.

To reach the center of the bridge, a player has to perform a dodge jump (best if they also use their speed boost ability). Failing to do so results in falling through the clouds down into the valley and to certain death. To get off the bridge, Raptors have to use their boost ability when near the broken part of the bridge.


Object Count in alcazars Count in valley Count on bridge
Health Station 2 2 3
Energy Station 2 0 3
Ammo Station 0 3 2
Energy Generator 0 2 1
Deployment Point 6 2 1
Harbinger 0 2 0
Raptor 0 2 2
Juggernaut 0 2 0


  • Alcazar is a very good place for Laser Trip Mine jumping. Gunners can deploy Laser Trip mines in two places: in the entrance of the first floor of each alcazars and on top of the shattered bridge, below the walkways to the Deploy Point. One Laser Trip Mine jump will send the user flying up to half of the map, although it will also severely injure them.
  • The easiest and fastest way to get to the Artifact Node is by using the direct teleporter on the first floor of the alcazars.
  • Jump pads on the second floor of both alcazars can be used to annoy base defenders. Jump on one of them, and once you're at the top, fire at a player or an automated defense, then fall down on the same Jump Pad and repeat. Be careful to fall down exactly on the pad, or you'll kill yourself!
  • It is worth taking the Cloud deploy point, as there are all types of stations, two vehicles and one energy generator there. Besides, you start closer to the enemy and it's not as easy to get there.
  • Best places to deploy turrets are Artifact Node rooms and the center of the shattered bridge. There is usually only one way enemies can come from there, and enemies that come to the shattered bridge center will have only 50% of personal energy left, resulting in inability to jump for a short time.


  • Alcazar is alphabetically the first official map in eXpanded MutiPlayer. That makes it the usual mod testing place.
  • It is possible to fall off the bridge but stay alive by using cliffs to stop the falling. It is also possible to enter a vehicle while falling and thus take no damage.