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Kragoth, one of the Necris in UT2k4

The Necris are an elite security force employed by the Phayder Corporation. Because of their prowess, they have a reputation across the universe of being fearless and efficient assassins. Phayder Corporation and the Necris factions seem to be based off of Omicron 6.

Some members of the group called the Necris have undergone the Necris process, also known as Necrification, which replaced their blood with nanoblack (a black fluid of unknown origin containing some form of nano technology). The nanoblack offered an opportunity for a form of immortality as the nanoblack could maintain and quickly repair deteriorating tissue. Because of this, it is assumed that those who have gone through this process no longer age. It is assumed that ongoing injections of nanoblack are required to keep the subject alive.

Necrification can be used to bring someone back from the dead, but its primary purpose is to offer immortality. However, this is apparently frowned upon by citizens of the universe who are familiar with the process (cf: UC2??). Very few people or companies can afford the extreme cost of turning someone into a Necris, Liandri Mining Corporation is the only corporation known to have paid the fee to bring back popular Tournament competitors like Lauren and Brock and using it bring back Selket in order to bribe Anubis when he won the Nakhti Grand Championship and became emperor.

The process also comes with extreme risk as there are several potential side effects. For example, the nanoblack has unpredictable effects on the person's mental state. It is unknown if these effects are due to flaws in the nanoblack technology or the amount of stress put on the brain due to being brought back to life.

Some factions of the Necris who went through the necrification process became delusional and believed they were invincible. One of these factions called themselves the Cult of The Prophet and became followers of Akasha. After going through the Necris process, Akasha started hearing voices that she believed were instructing her which she named The Prophet. She appointed herself Necris High Inquisitor and recruited members of the Necris Elite to pass judgement on the citizens of the universe. This led to the attack on Taryd and the war. Phayder Corporation never acknowledged this attack or denounced Akasha's actions. No one knows who The Prophet or if he was simply a figment of Akasha's imagination.

During the attack on Taryd, it was revealed that the Krall were working with the Cult of the Prophet. The terms of this alliance is unknown. It could be that the Skaarj were involved or that the Krall are currently enslaved by the Phayder Corporation or just the Cult of the Prophet.

Some Necris are augmented with cybernetic prosthetics. It is unknown if these are used to replace missing parts of the body of a dead person that is necrified or if they are simply used as augments.


Early on in the Tournament, some of the group that came to be known as the Phayder Assassins that had undergone the Necris process joined the Tournament on the Black Legion team.

The Necris have participated in many years of the Liandri Grand Tournament, namely: Unreal Tournament (their team named the Black Legion), Unreal Tournament 2004 (through a bonus pack), and Unreal Championship 2.


Necris have coated their melee weapons in Nanoblack, making them deadlier to living creatures. They can also use Nanoblack missiles to allow them to suck the energy out of targeted enemies like a vampire.

During UT3 the Necris attack with foot soldiers as well as unorthodox vehicles which feature tentacles and other alien propulsion methods. These vehicles include the Viper, Nemesis, Darkwalker, Fury, Scavenger, and Nightshade. These vehicles are powered by nanoblack, as opposed to Axon's vehicles which are powered by Tarydium.

The Phayder Corporation is responsible for the creation of the Invulnerability powerup deployed in UT3.

The Liandri tried to reproduce the Necris process, but it is unknown if they succeeded. Some believe Liandri's failed experiments resulted in the Nightmare team, but no proof exists.[1]