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Screenshot of Loxi
Full title Loxi
Author(s) Cliff Bleszinski
Game Unreal
Gametype Deathmatch


Loxi is a small DM map with a medieval theme. There are 3 floors: The ground floor is only 1 room large, but has some valuable pickups like the Shield Belt and the Jump Boots. The 1st floor is the largest, spanning several rooms and featuring half of the weapons. These 2 floors are connected by a single lift. The 1st and 2nd floor are connected via a lift and a slope. The 2nd floor has the other valuable pickups such as the Eightball and Superhealth. There's also an outside part atop the main hall with the Eightball pickup. The rooftop can only be reached with the help of the Jump Boots from the ground floor.

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Automag 1 0 -
GES BioRifle 1 0 -
ASMD 1 4 2 near the Shieldbelt, 2 in between the pillars in the west room
Minigun 1 2 In between the pillars in the west room
Stinger 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Razorjack 1 2 In the SE corridor, upper level (above the Automag pickup)
Flak Cannon 1 4 2 near the right wall of the lower level, 2 in a corner of the rooftop
Eightball Gun 1 4 2 below the pickup, 2 near the Shieldbelt
Rifle 1 4 2 near the ASMD pickup, 2 in a corner of the rooftop


Pickup Count Location
Nali Fruit 4 2 next to the Rifle, 2 in the center room
Superhealth 1 At the end of a beam, top level in the NE room.
Assault Vest 1 On the upper level, next to a lift (west of the center room)
Shield Belt 1 On a small ledge, next to lava. Ground floor.
Amplifier 1 In the SW corner of the rooftop
Dampener 1 In the SE corner of the rooftop

Tips & tricks

There aren't many flaws in the AI that can be exploited in this map. The lifts are the best place to get easy frags. Not only do bots often stand still in front of lifts (not noticing the player), but the elevator shafts can also be used to shoot Biorifle alt-fire down in (killing those who were waiting downstairs. Another place to use a similar tactic is the rooftop over the center room. There is plenty of Flak and Rifle ammo around to camp. To get there though, the player has to get the Jump Boots from all across the map.

Another tactic is to try and push the opponent into the lava. This is the easiest on the ground floor, as bots will walk over a thin beam to get to the Shieldbelt. However, it isn't visited often by bots. The other lava bath will see more bots walking by, but it's slightly harder to push the bots into the lava due to the pillars standing in the way (as well as the difference in height).