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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Cybrosis.

Screenshot of Cybrosis
Full title Cybrosis
Author(s) Alan 'Talisman' Willard
Game Unreal
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Cybrosis consists of 2 floors, with large rooms on the bottom floor and mostly corridors and small rooms on the 1st floor. Several electrical beams can be found across the map (7 in total). When a player or bot touches these beams, he/she dies instantly. Most of these beams are near valuable pickups and weapons.

The first floor can be reached via 2 slopes in the east of the map, or with use of the Jump Boots (located in the west, underneath an electrical beam). There are also 2 ledges near these Jump Boots, which can be reached by jumping on the Jump Pad in front (see the 3rd picture at the bottom of the page).

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Automag 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
GES BioRifle 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
ASMD 2 6 2 opposite to Razor, 3 near pickups (West:2, East:1), 1 near E Assault vest
Minigun 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Stinger 1 2 Spread over the room of the pickup
Razorjack 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Flak Cannon 3 5 2 near the 2 eastern pickups, 1 next to Assault Vest in tunnel
Eightball Gun 1 3 1 Next to pickup, 1 near Kevlar suit, 1 near Assault Vest in tunnel
Rifle 1 3 1 near the pickup, 2 rounds near the Assault Vest in the lower tunnel


Pickup Count Location
Health 3 2 in the southeast room, 2 on the upper level in the northeast room
Kevlar Suit 1 On a high ledge in the west of the room
Assault Vest 2 1 in the east in a tunnel, 1 in a corridor on the upper level
Shield Belt 1 In a side room of the hall on the upper level
Jump Boots 1 In the west of the map, lover level
Invisibility 1 At the end of a walkway, upper level west.

Tips & tricks

One of the most important features of the map are the deadly electrical beams. Just like most other death traps, this can be used to get a few easy frags. Proper aiming and choosing the right projectile is all-important to success. The Flak Cannon (which is widely available in this map) alt-fire does a good job of knocking the opponent back (or up, when aimed properly). If it doesn't push the opponent up into the beam, it will still likely frag it on impact. The Flak's alt-fire is particularly effective in the dead ends this map has. The small rooms housing the GES Biorifle and Minigun don't give bots the room to dodge big projectile like the Flak's alt-fire or rockets, making it an easy frag. Also be sure to nose around for pickups. The Superhealth, Kevlar Suit and Rifle are among the pickups that bots will not touch (and will therefore be available for the player).