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The Bulldog is a dark green SUV that was to be in Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003, but didn't make it into either of the final games as an actual vehicle. The Bulldog does appear in UT2004 in other ways and therefore is still a part of Unreal lore.


In UT2003 it is possible to summon a Bulldog by entering "summon Vehicles.Bulldog" into the console. Due to the vehicle's size, it is necessary to first find a large space, use the "ghost" code, and fly up in the air first. After the player needs to "walk" and "use" the vehicle to enter or exit it. Keeping summoning Bulldogs will quickly stress your computer, as the vehicle uses very resource intensive code instead of the optimized Karma physics code used in UT2004. The vehicle isn't fully coded either, and won't work as well as any of the regular vehicles seen in UT2004.

The Bulldog only has one seat for a driver who can also fire rockets from the turret on top. The turret isn't movable, so rockets will aimlessly fly up into the sky. If an enemy on foot is nearby and near the front of the vehicle, the rockets will automatically lock onto him or her.


UT2004 still features the Bulldog code, but the vehicle is never used as such.

In the map AS-Convoy the NEG military attacks a convoy using a number of Bulldogs and a much larger, similarly themed attack vehicle, none of which can be controlled by players.[1] One of the Bulldogs moving around in the convoy can be used as a shortcut by jumping onto its roof. Some Bulldogs have trailers with tracks. These trailers are used to transport foot soldiers, which function as spawn points, or are used to extract the Nexus Missiles, the mission's objective.[2]

Some of the junkyard-themed levels have a wrecked Bulldog chassis lying around.

One of the flag designs used in CTF and other team games features a picture of the Bulldog.