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Health: 300
Number of Seats: 1
Driver Abilities: Flushes toilet
Main Uses: Having fun

The TC-1200 is a "joke" vehicle for UT2004 that is unlocked for the Vehicle Arena mutator when you complete single player as Mr. Crow. It doesn't feature in any stock maps, but it is available for usage by mappers.


The TC-1200 is basically a toilet converted into a go-kart. It has no weapons or special abilities, and moves very slowly compared to other vehicles.

Using the TC-1200

The TC-1200 is only available via a cheat unless placed in a custom map by a mapper. Use the TC-1200 whenever you really gotta go, but can't wait to go somewhere (slowly). It... well, it turns on a dime. Your appearance while riding the vehicle is your main defense. Hope the enemy dies laughing as you proceed to your destination. Getting off of the vehicle will flush the toilet.

Going against the TC-1200

Resist the urge to roll on the floor laughing, and aim carefully to take out the rider. The TC-1200 is very slow and is a sitting duck to pretty much any weapon, if you can keep your composure.