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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Deck.

Screenshot of Deck16
Full title Deck16
Author(s) Elliot "Myscha" Cannon
Game Unreal
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

The map that started the series: DmDeck16 has the same lay-out as the other Deck maps. A large hall with several levels is largely surrounded by an U-shaped corridor. The multiple levels in the main halls are connected by a series of 3 slopes, which give the map its identity.

There are a few differences with later versions of the map. Though all of the weapon pickups didn't change positions, the Toxin Suit did. The UT2004 version of this map also has a few other corridors this map doesn't have.

Weapons & Pickups

Deck 16 pick-ups


Weapon Count Ammo Count Weapon Location Ammo Location
GES BioRifle 1 Tarydium Sludge 4 On the right of the balcony accessed by ramps in the hangar 2 next to the weapon pickup, 2 on same floor, other end of the hall
ASMD 2 ASMD Core 5 One on raised platform just below the elevator, other behind box in main walkway 2 next to each pickup, 1 behind box near Flak Cannon
Minigun 1 Bullets 2 A sunken area near the main walkway Near the pickup, at the other side of the main walkway
Stinger 1 Tarydium Shards 5 On top of box in main hangar All 5 behind boxes in the area of the pickup
Razorjack 1 Razor Blades 2 Near the elevator, opposite side of the room from the raised platform with the Rifle on it Next to the weapon pickup
Flak Cannon 2 Flak Shells 4 1 at the end of a Tarydium sludge filled hallway, other at end of hallway or the opposite end of the Rifle by the elevator 2 next to each weapon pickup
Eightball Gun 2 Can of 12 Eightballs 8 1 at the middle of the normal floor, other at end of Tarydium courtyard on the first floor 2 next to each pickup, 3 on boxes near lifts, 1 behind box near Flak
Rifle 2 Rifle Rounds 7 1 on another balcony to the left of the GES BioRifle balcony, other on raised platform near the elevator 4 next to sniper ledge pickup, 2 next to other. 1 behind box near Flak.


Pickup Count Location
Health 6 2 near each Flak Cannon, 2 on boxes near lifts
Superhealth 1 On top of boxes, below the sniper ledge.
Assault Vest 1 On a box near the lifts, lower level
Shield Belt 1 On a beam above the slime pool, below the walkway
Toxin Suit 2 1 on top level of hall, 1 near Flak Cannon in corridor.

Tips & tricks


  • An early version of this map had the Invisibility item located where the Shield Belt is, but without a beam to walk. Needless to say, it became impossible to get it.
  • The map was considered for Unreal Tournament, and in fact appeared, untouched, in the betas. Needless to say, it went under a lot of changes in order to appear as DM-Deck16][.