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For the actual planet, see Eizo VI-C.

Screenshot of Eizo VI-C, "Hell"
Full title Eizo VI-C, "Hell"
Author(s) Scott Dalton
Music M01.con
Game Unreal II: The Awakening
Gametype Single player

Hell is the third mission in Unreal II. It features a visit to an ice planet, Eizo VI-C.

Atlantis interlude

The mission begins with an Atlantis interlude. You are first shown a short cutscene with Atlantis flying in space. Then you appear right on the captain's bridge and Ne'Ban walks up to you. Interestingly, if you run away from him earlier than he talks to you, Ne'Ban will follow you until you talk to him, even into the dropship or briefing room. The dialogue goes most fluently in this order:

Ne'Ban: Greetings, Marshal.

Dalton (Nice job): Great piece of flying back there.
Ne'Ban: It is a pleasure to serving.
Dalton: Docking with the marine ship looked tricky, too.
Ne'Ban: A maneuver I have practicing many times. It was an honor to re-unite those men with their fighting unit.
Dalton (Next destination?): Do you have a course plotted?
Ne'Ban: Yes. A place called Hell. At least, Aida told me to go to Hell, so that is my plan.
Dalton (Aida and Isaak?): Where is everybody?
Ne'Ban: Aida is in the briefing room, and Isaak is in the weapons bay.
Dalton: See you later.
Ne'Ban: Telling me: Is this Aida the same Aida who won the battle of Taiko and brought victory in the Strider Wars?
Dalton (Maybe): Why do you ask?
Ne'Ban: She is very famous among my people.
Dalton (Yes): [Yes,] although she doesn't like to be reminded of it.
Ne'Ban: She must have been very young, in human years.
Dalton: She was.
Ne'Ban: Why is she not a general in your army?

Dalton: She has a little problem with authority. But don't worry - she's working on it.

When you get to know that you're all going to hell, go down the ladder into the Briefing Room and talk to the hero of the Strider Wars, Aida, to start the briefing so you could understand if it was a joke of Ne'Ban or there really is a planet called Hell. Here's the dialogue:

Aida: Ready for the briefing?

Dalton: Let's do it.

Aida: We are approaching Hell, a frozen moon orbiting the planet Gaigan, a gas giant in the Eizo Star System. Elysium is an Axon Corporation research facility on Hell that works closely with the TCA, the organization we all so proudly serve. Commander Hawkins says there have been no transmissions from the station for 18 hours. Our mission is to find out why. The base has four research modules located around a central hub. Each of the labs focuses on a different area of weapons research. Here's a look at the surrounding terrain. You'll set down here. This bridge leads into the base. By the way, the Commander mentioned the researchers are working on an artifact that sounds a lot like the one we recovered from Sanctuary. You don't suppose they could be *related*, do you? That's it. Isaak should have your weapons ready. God knows he's had enough time.

But that's not it. Talk to Aida again to learn why she said the last sentence, and more about the planet itself:

Aida: Still here?

Dalton (Mission Summary): What's the short form?
Aida: Find out why the research facility has gone radio silent. You can take another look at the holograms if you'd like.
Dalton (More Planetary Info): What else can you tell me about Hell?
Aida: Gaigan is a gas giant planet about 11 times the diameter of earth. Hell is one of its 14 moons. Hell's surface is mostly rock, covered by spires of ice and slush. The atmosphere is nitrogen and methane, along with complex compounds like ethane, hydrogen-cyanide, and others. Thermal vents spew this poison into the thick, soupy sky, and it falls back to the surface as toxic chemical snow. Temperatures average around 250 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. Delightful.
Dalton (Isaak): Why don't you let up on Isaak?
Aida: Why should I? He killed three of my friends. He's a danger to this ship, and the sooner I can convince you to kick him off, the safer we'll all be.

Dalton: See ya later.

Now you can go and meet Isaak in the weapons bay for another dialogue:

Isaak: Hey, boss. Got more gear for you. Turns out that energy rifle you nabbed from the Izarians had a limiter on it. Maybe the Skaarj didn't want to give anything too powerful to their slaves. Anyway, I took the limiter off and now it's a real weapon. I call it the shock lance. The alt-fire is an EMP burst that'll fry anything electronic. I've also loaded up the shotgun you found on Sanctuary and scrounged some toxic grenades for your launcher. Wanna take a closer look?

Dalton (Yes): Let's see what ya got.
Isaak: I modified one of the Izarian energy rifles to make it more powerful. Primary fire generates two plasma bolts that don't do much damage. But the re-fire rate is high, which lets you put a lot of hits on a target in a short amount of time. Alt-Fire creates an EMP field that will seriously screw up any machinery it hits. Take your pick.
Dalton (Shotgun): Show me the Crowd Pleaser.
Isaak: This is an M700 12-Gauge Semi-automatic shotgun. Absolutely lethal close up, and pretty damned good at mid-range. The alt-fire puts out explosive incendiary slugs with a wider spread and a more limited range. Anything else?
Dalton (Toxic Grenade): What about the gas grenade?
Isaak: It sprays out a cloud of neurotoxic gas that is so caustic it eats right through metal armor. What'll it be?

Dalton: Some other time.

There are a few more things to do before you leave Atlantis. First off, go behind Isaak and look at his desk. You'll see an Artifact that you've got from Sanctuary. If you open the locker in this room, you'll see that it now contains a Shotgun and the Energy Rifle. Now go out of the weapons bay, up the ladder and into your own room (the first one on your left). Look at the screen and you'll notice a few pictures from Sanctuary and Swamp to remind you of your journeys (the picture of Avalon is also still there). Finally, climb down the ladder, go into the loading bay and use the PeaceKeeper to start your mission.


Hell - Descent

The level starts with a short cutscene that shows PeaceKeeper landing on the surface of Hell. Shortly after, you gain control. This place, contrary to any definitions of Hell, is actually a very cold moon. Look up to see amazingly realistic view of the gas giant, Gaigan. Take out your Energy Rifle, because this is probably the only place in this mission where this weapon will be useful. The first area is relatively peaceful, only with Mukhoggs trying to injure you. They fall after a single primary shot of your Energy Rifle, so you're safe. Generally you won't see any real enemies for a relatively long time.

After you start the level, you have three ways to advance: you can use the "road" to the bridge which is on your left, going under an icy arc with very realistic icicles, you can go right to the bridge by climbing the mountain directly in front of you or you could walk down to the valley. Generally you should look around, because this level is amazingly realistic and was made with care.

If you tried to cross the bridge, you would see a sleeping giant Mukhogg. There is no way you could get around it without waking it, so you have three options here: continue and wake it up, back off and fire before it wakes up or use a more interesting way that will take you to a safe spot to kill the creature. I'll use the third option.

Climb down the hill, and you'll see a pipe going just below the bridge. Climb on it, then walk on it to the top. When you're on top, turn left. Jump or mantle on the platform here, then walk past an arc-form bridge support until you stand higher than you could on the pipe and can go no further. Now when you jump facing the start of the bridge, you'll see the sleeping Mukhogg. Take out your Dispersion Pistol and kill it. It will take some time, but it won't cost you anything and you won't be hurt. Once the beast is dead, crouch and walk to the edge of the platform opposite the bridge itself (be careful not to fall down!), and look down. You might see a normal sized Mukhogg there, just standing and doing nothing. Shoot it until it dies, then go back to the start of the pipe. Take out your Energy Rifle again, then climb back to the bridge. Cross it, and you'll appear in a room with an open hatch. Jump down, and you'll be on a very long elevator. A dialogue will commence.

Announcer: Welcome to Elysium Weapons Research Facility. Please have your Green identification badge displayed at all times.

Dalton: Aida, did you remember to pack my green identification badge?
Aida: Yep... Should be right next to your pink library card. Don't worry about it. I'll hack the security system and they'll never be the wiser. Tough security. This might take longer than I thought.

Dalton: Take your time. Looks like I'll be on this elevator 'til early next week.
Announcer, John Dalton and Aida

The elevator will stop shortly after the dialogue ends, and you'll see a door. Go inside, and Dalton will ask:

Dalton: How's it coming with that security Aida?
Aida: Still hacking. Done in a minute.

It's no use waiting, so continue walking, even though you don't have the Green identification badge nor the pink library card. You will soon come to a point where you can see a warning sign on the floor: "Security checkpoint. No unauthorised personnel beyond this point. Firearms prohibited", but don't mind it and walk through. Just as you go past the yellow warning signs, electrical beams will come out of the walls and block your way in and out of the checkpoint. A dialogue will start:

Dalton: Uh... Guys?

Aida: What the - Hang on John.

Announcer: Please remain motionless for weapons scan. Scanning.
Announcer, John Dalton and Aida

A scanner on the ceiling, much like the one on Avalon, will start working. Soon enough, security systems will engage and two Gatling turrets will come out of cylinders on both sides of the area. The dialogue continues:

Announcer: Weapons detected. Relinquish all weapons. Thirty seconds.

Dalton: Sounds like they mean it Aida.
Announcer: Relinquish all weapons.
Dalton: ..They really don't like guns.
Aida: Damn!
Dalton: Anytime you're ready, Aida.
Aida: I'm working on it!
Announcer: Ten seconds. Defense turrets online.
Dalton: Those look painful. Aida!
Aida: Got it!
Announcer: Security override. Disengaging defense systems. Thank you and have a nice day.
Dalton:So did you have it all along or do you just like making me sweat?
Aida:Go to Hell, Dalton.

Dalton: Already there, toots.
Announcer, John Dalton and Aida

The dialogue ends, turrets disengage and you are free to go. Go through an elaborate, circle-shaped yellow and black door to end this map.

Hell - Discovery

You start the map on a walkway above an Ops area. Something further seems to be on fire. Turn left, go past the first door and try to enter the room to your right. It's locked, and the PassCard Scanner gives you an error: "Access Denied". A short dialogue starts:

Dalton: Aida, can you hack through this door?
Aida: The schematics look like spaghetti. You'll have to figure something out on your end.

So this way is locked. Go back to the door you passed, and try to go through. It opens, and a lift appears. Go in, and it will bring you down from the walkway. Go past the desks here, they have nothing useful there (all the displays show only statics). Go near the fire, and you'll notice a few dead bodies. One of them appears to have a Flame Thrower near it, take it. Be careful not to catch fire yourself!

Then turn right and go through the only door you have access to that looks the same as the one you went through to end the last level. Continue walking, and you'll eventually walk through 2 more doors that look the same, and find that the next door is blocked by fire as well. There is another door to the left, so go through it. You'll arrive at a first aid room with auto-heal beds. You'll get a new objective - "Heal the surviving patient". It's on your right. Use a button labelled "Medical Station" next to his bed to heal him. You'll get an "Objective Complete" message. The patient gets up and starts a conversation:

Jensen: Who are you?

Dalton: John Dalton. TCA Marshal. Who are you?
Jensen: Jensen. Maintenance for Area 9.
Dalton: Where is everybody?
Jensen: Dead! They're all dead!
Dalton: What happened?
Jensen: Alarms went off... they told me to barricade the door. And then there explosion. I crawled here to get fixed up, but I must've passed out.
Dalton: Can you walk?
Jensen: Yeah, I think so.
Dalton: I have to check out the rest of the facility. How can I get past the fire in the Ops area?
Jensen: You can go through the control room on the second floor. I know the security code. There's a lift on the other side.
Dalton: Okay. Follow me.

Hank Jensen and John Dalton

You'll get a new objective "Bypass the fire through the second story Control room". Go to the other side of the room and you'll find 8 Shotgun shells. Go back through all the doors to the Ops area, and you'll briefly talk to Aida:

Dalton: You heard the man Aida. Everyone's dead.

Aida: I guess that explains the radio silence.
Dalton: But what killed them?

Aida: I'm picking up lifeforms further in. My guess is you'll soon find out.

Go back up to the locked room. Jensen will unlock it for you:

I'll open the door for you.

You'll get an "Objective Complete" message, and the PassCard Scanner now says "Access Granted". Inthe control room, you'll find a Combat Assault Rifle and one clip for it. Go towards the window, and you'll see a flashing button, labelled "Audio Log Controls". Push it. A log will be replayed:

Announcer: Most recent log entry - Playback.

Unknown person: Help! Emergency! This is Elysium. We need military support. The experiments went bad - some of them got out and now they're everywhere. We built a blockade but we don't know how long it'll last. Please, send help!
Unknown person 2: They're coming through!
Sheffield: Let 'em come. I got something for 'em.
Unknown person 2: Back off, Sheffield! Those containers are flammable!
Sheffield: Come on, you bastards! Eat flame!
Unknown person 2: No! Don't!

Announcer: Playback complete.
Announcer, Sheffield and two unknown people

Now you'll get another "Objective Complete". Now go through the other door than the one you came through, and Jensen will run to the lift. But don't follow him, instead, go to the right of the lift. You'll find a Shotgun, a Flame Thrower and 8 shotgun shells. Now take out your Dispersion Pistol, back off and fire at a flammable container at the end of the platform until it explodes. Go to the place it exploded, and look at a display just below the platform. You'll see a button, labelled "Access Hatch" there, so jump on it (be careful not to fall down!) and press it. Go into the hatch that opens (again, be fast or you'll fall down!). Go left and you'll find a corpse with a Combat Assault Rifle. Further you will see a Napalm cannister - ammo for the Flamethrower. Take both items. There is another hatch further in, but don't try to open it or you'll catch fire. If you go to the other side, you'll end up being in an unlit part of the pipe and you'll see another access hatch to the first aid room. Either take it or go back where you came from, then go back to the Control room. Use the lift, and you'll see Jensen waiting for you.

WARNING! Do not continue if you have a strong arachnophobia! If you want to skip the next levels altogether, open your console (tilde key) and enter switchlevel PA-Hell or, if you want to see what happens, but not face anything, killall U2AraknidBase. If you have a slight arachnophobia, you will be all right with the god code.

Continue the level by going through the door. Jensen will look at the bodies and say:

Oh my god! Dogget's dead! I can't take this...

Head through the door. Now you will hear strange noises, and Jensen says:

What was that?! They're in the walls! They're coming back! Look out!

From the top right ventilation shaft two medium araknids and a steam of small ones will come, killing Jensen. Meet them with your Flamethrower or CAR. The Flamethrower is more useful against medium araknids, while CAR excels at killing the light ones because of its explosion radius.

Next up you will see another medium Araknid. Here you will be able to take advantage of the doors in the area - the concussive force of your CAR or Grenade Launcher can hold Araknids back. Continue and you will meet two more medium Araknids with support from a stream of light Araknids. Once they are finished, go get your reward of 8 shotgun shells, a Combat Assault Rifle, a flamethrower and a napalm cannister. Ready your CAR, and blast off the light Araknids that come through the door. Interestingly, if you get a direct hit, they will fly to a wall and get gibbed there. Continue, and you will be ambushed by two more medium Araknids - one from the vent in front left, another from back right. Continue with your CAR to get rid of more light Araknids. After going through a yet another door, the level ends.

Hell - Desolation

You will begin in a room with something like a generator in the middle. Don't let your guard (nor CAR) down, because you will meet 3 more light Araknids immediately. If you went to the other side of the room, you would see a door with smoke around it; naturally, you can't pass. While you're here, you can practise your agility by climing on the generator - it's even possible to climb on one of those pipes hanging from the walls. Now choose the only way out. CAR is very useful in this situation - the three medium Araknids have no space to jump, and your CAR can ricochet very nicely. You should be done after 5-6 shots. Enter the room with an energy beam and you will see a door on the right. Go to your left, where you'll find a dead scientist with a CAR and a CAR clip. Then shoot at the beam, and a short dialogue will commence:

Dalton: You getting this, Aida?
Aida: High energy ion beam... Wonder why they need this kind of power? Let me see what I can pry out of Axon.

Now continue and go through the only door here. It's a lift, and once you're up, you will face two medium Araknids. Incinerate one, and you can take a chunk of HP from the one further from you with your CAR (it will become aggressive if you shoot, so ready your Vulcan). After that, take the Health and Energy pickups there. Walk to your left, near the brown gas, and Aida will inform:

Nasty - ionized plasma gas. You'll have to vent it to get by.

So, what's the way? Take out your CAR and head to the other side of the walkway, near a broken ventilator. Crouch and you will get through. Alternatively, you can dodge the wall near the ventilator so you would dodge into it - this will make you etherealise though the ventilator. In it, you will find some light Araknids (what else did you expect? ;) ). The path to the left is blocked, so you will have to go to the right (and Araknids come from there, too). After a short while, you will say:

Ha! Little buggers. They ain't so bad. Uh-oh...

This is when you will be hoarded by light Araknids. As long as you have your CAR, though, you're safe. You will soon come to a place with a window. To the right you will see Sanctuary-styled ventilation controls. Use them and watch the gas being collected (don't worry, they're not flowing your way). Aida will say one of these lines:

Good. That fan should suck away enough gas for you to get by.

That fan should suck up enough gas for you to get by.
That did it.
Good idea.
Well done.


Now there is no use to continue, so turn back. Crouch back out (or jump on the ventilator and etherealise again). Go past the plasma (but don't touch it, it still burns). You might think that you can dodge to the energy beam below from there. That's true, but don't try it, you know how energy beams affect humans :). So instead, continue round the walkway. You will see two green pods, one attched to the wall and the other on the floor. A scientist will run through the door, just to get killed by the Araknid pods:

Scientist: Thank god you're here!.. Arrgh!
Dalton: Great. Something else to watch out for.
Scientist and John Dalton

Notice that one pod is still closed. Use your CAR's primary fire (shoot a single bullet) and the pod will harmlessly explode. Go through the door that the scientist came through. There are two medium Araknids inside - use your flamethrower and the door (medium Araknids are too big to get though) for your advantage. After you clear the area, blast the pod on the crate there, and take the napalm cannister. Continue round a corner and another one to find a dead scientist with a shotgun. Take it and carefully go through the door here. The storage room is full of pods - shoot them all with CAR's primary (bigger pods might require more than one shot). After you deal with all of them, take everything in the room - two health pickups, two energy pickups, two CAR clips, Shotgun, 8x2 Shotgun shells, and, strangely, a useless Dispersion Pistol. Now go out, carefully round another corner, and notice a rather hidden Araknid pod. Shoot it and continue to a place with fire coming from a pipe. There will be a medium Araknid and a few small ones on the other side. Also notice a pod sticking to the ceiling. After you clear the area, walk past the fire (stay close to the left and you won't even have to crouch). Continue and shoot thee more pods and fight one more medium Araknid and light Araknid. You will then see a door.

Now you will have a light Araknid overflow. use your CAR and doors for your gain - when it opens, shoot. Don't worry, the scientist here is already dead, you might as well gib it. Be calm for a while, there are loads of them, so it takes some time. After there are no more Araknids coming through the door, cautiously go through and destroy three pods on the left side (one in on the ceiling) and one to your right. Go right, take a CAR clip and shoot the pod in the distance. Then go to the door (under which you can see a BSP hole) and through the door. Take the Energy Pickup, two CAR clips and, if you want, a yet another useless Dispersion Pistol.

This is one of the hardest rooms in the level. Climb up the ledge and you will be in a room full of pods. Use your CAR's primary to blast them all and alternative to kill the small Araknids. There is one medium Araknid, make sure you kill it before it jumps on you. You will also see a lot of medium Araknids on the walkway above you. You can try to ricochet your CAR or use the Grenade Launcher on them. When you go into the room, a short conversation will start:

Dalton: Good god, is this where they're all coming from?
Aida: No, not enough pods. And they're too small to hold the big ones. They must be coming from further in.

Don't go to the other ledge before you kill all the medium Araknids with you CAR and GL (you should notice a door to the right - it's a good spot to plant a Toxic field). CAR is very useful when Araknids stand just above you. After clearing the whole area, go to the crates under the ledge and you will find a CAR clip, 8 shotgun shells and a grenade pack. If you're wondering, you can climb all the way to the generator here, and you won't die if you touch it - you will get stuck, though.

Now climb the ledge, kill the pod just in front (Dispersion Pistol works just as well when no Araknids are around), go to the other side than the door and, if you need it, take the Shotgun and 8 more shells. Take out tour Shotgun and go though the door. You will see thee medium Araknids in a room very similar to the second one in this level, with the plasma beam. Take out your Flamethrower to kill the fourth Araknid that is on the other side of the beam and take out your Dispersion Pistol. To the lefet you will see two pods guarding an Energy Pickup, a Shotgun, a pack of Frag Grenades and a can of napalm. To the right there are a lot more pods, so use your CAR's alt fire to clear them out (if you wait long enough, they will burst and a stream of light Araknids will come out). Take two health pickups, a CAR clip and 8 shotgun shells here. No go through the door with your Shotgun and incinerate the medium Araknid there, along with two light Araknids. After that, you will say:

Dalton: Damn, these things are tough. Never seen anything like 'em!

Aida: No one has.
Dalton: Say what?
Aida: It's brand new DNA. I'm reading traces of a weird radiation that's changed their genetic structure.

Dalton: Great. I'm fighting giant, killer, MUTANT spiders.

You will see the source of the radiation soon enough. After the interesting summary of Dalton, go past the dead Kai and through another door there. It leads to an elevator, similar to the one you saw in the beginning. While waiting till early next week, you can practise your mantling skills. Once you're up at the top, the level ends.

Hell - Disclosure

The level starts on top of the elevator. You are facing a door, so go ahead and try to go through. You will be greeted with messages:

Announcer: Emergency lockdown in effect.
Aida: The control room is on the top level. You'll have to get up there and override the lockdown.
Announcer and Aida

So it's time to turn around and use the convenient lift there. Before you go, though, you can practise your mantling skills and see if you can touch two yellow lights on top of the hatch above the elevator you're standing on. When you're ready, enter the lift, click any of the three buttons and exit it. You will hear a message:

Now entering materials laboratory.

You will see doors very similar to those that you have just seen with blinking red lights. Try to go through, and you will be denied again:

Bulkheads: Sealed.

The other door here is also locked. There are two more ways in - through another lift or through a broken door. Use the lift, and once you reach the top, you will see that doors here are broken and won't budge. Aida reports:

This doesn't look good. You'll have to find another way up.

So go back down and crouch through the door. Once you're done, a cutscene will start. It's a flyby of the area there. A short dialogue will start:

Aida: What a mess! How will you get up to the control room?
Dalton: That's why I get the big bucks.

Now look around. This place is full of orange beams - and they're deadly (because they come from the Artifact - more about this later). The only way around them is to do some rubbish jumping. If you find something worth picking up - don't do it, you will have a better opportunity later. If you look closely, you will find that you can get to the control room by climbing on a white pillar that broke the glass there. Unfortunately, you can't mantle on it. Instead, walk near the closest orange beam, jump on a column that is near it, then mantle on a silver thing that touches the column you're standing on. From there, jump on a dark block in front of you. Then walk on a white tile with a hole in it and jump on a pile of tiles in front. From there, jump down to a place with less beams and a dead scientist. Then mantle on a dark mechanism that changes the beam's direction and jump on a nearby pile of tiles. Then jump down (alternatively, you could reach the same place by crouching and pressing space to prone, then prone below the beam to avoid it). Now mantle on a big white block, then another one and take a pack of frag grenades. Now jump down again, walk around the corner and dodge on the silver tile there. Make sure you don't fall into molten metal!

Now is the tricky part. You can't jump on those poles in the metal normally. But you can mantle - so simply jump towards the first pole and hold jump, you will make an air mantle. Do the same with the next block and then another one. Now jump on another pile of tiles and jump jump down on the floor. Prone or crouch around a tile with a hole in it. Walk on a tile and jump over the beam on a silver tile. Next, you will have to jump on another pole just to the right from another mechanism which changes beam's direction. You will then see a few crossed beams. Jump down to the place where you can see half of a broken tile. Jump on it, then over two crossed beams and you're there! Mantle on the broken column base, then jump on the column and walk into the control room. Once you're there, you will get an "Objective complete" message. Press both buttons you see in the room. After pressing the beam control button, you will get another flyby sequence that shows you how the beam is disengaged. After pressing the second button, you will get an announcement:

Emergency Override 347 Accepted. Lockdown disengaged.

This means that all the doors are now open. Walk out of the control room via the same column and explore the room. Make sure not to fall into molten metal, it's still hot. So far I have found two shotgun shell packs, one CAR clip, two Energy pickups and three Health pickups. Once you're done, go out through the doors (which now glow in purple) and back into the lift. Go down and through the door which earlier were locked. Use your CAR on the small Araknids and your Flamethower on the medium ones. Cross the corridor and go through the next doors. You will be in a perimeter of the central dome. Walk forward and you will be able to see the area below. The path to the left is blocked, so proceed to the right. Aida will say that she found out that Axon used the beam you see here on the Artifact to test its powers on different materials, atmospherics and animals. If you look closely, you will see that a green beam is running to the right of you, an orange one is in front of you and two others are disabled. You will also see a barricade with a CAR clip and shotgun shells. Go through the door here. You will find a few light Araknids and two Medium ones. Try to take them out with Shotgun alt fire. After clearing the area, use your Dispersion Pistol to blast off three Araknid pods here and, if you need, take the three Shotgun shell packs here. Then go through the door and use your Shotgun to kil two light Araknids and one medium Araknid. You will see an Araknid pod on the wall in front of you - don't shoot it. Instead, use Dispersion Pistol's alt fire to destroy a barrel under the pod. It will explode with bio goo, killing the pod in process. Make sure you get rid of other bio barrels here. Then proceed through the door into another lift. Use it to go up, and an announcer will say:

Now entering atmospherics laboratory.

Doors here are locked just as in the last laboratory. Take a 8 more Shotgun shells if you need them and use another lift to get to the control room. Look through the windows. The left room has three medium Araknids in it. The middle room has plasma in it. The right room has nothing. So use all the pressure controls beginning from the left. The Araknids in the leftmost room will try to break into your room, but unsuccessfully, and will be gibbed shortly. The middle room will have plasma sucked out of the room. The right room will do nothing. Now turn off the beam and a dialogue will start:

Dalton: Which way out, Aida?

Aida: The main route is blocked. But the schematics show an access hatch at the end of the plasma beam tube. Can you squeeze yourself down there?
Dalton: Who pulls me out if I get stuck?

Aida: Not me! Ne'Ban and Isaak can draw straws.

Deactivate the lockdown again:

Emergency Override 347 Accepted. Lockdown disengaged.

Now go down the lift and enter the left room. Collect the free Shotgun, CAR clip, pack of Frag grenades, napalm cannister, Health pickup and Energy pickup there. Go back and into the middle room, then jump into the beam tube. Take out your Dispersion Pistol and calmly fire forward as you proceed. Many light Araknids will die there. Once you're done, you will reach two hatches. Use the left hatch controls, and they will get a short circuit. Use the right controls, and they open. Go through, prepare your Flamethrower and jump down. Take out two medium and two light Araknids. Go past the door here and take a Shotgun and a CAR clip from a dead scientist. Go into the corridor, then kill all the Araknids here with your Shotgun alt fire and take 8 more shotgun shells. Go through another door, kill a Medium and light Araknid there. Use the lift and you will get into:

Now entering biological laboratory. Biological specimen containment breach.

As usual, go to the control room. The left room has some cages. The middle room has the orange beam and you can see light Araknids being converted into medium Araknids there. A dialogue will start:

Dalton: So this is where the spiders are coming from. It's a breeding farm!

Aida: Biological experiments. The little ones walk through the beam, and suddenly they're huge.
Dalton: And somehow they got out.
Aida: Not only that, but this beam has been split. It has only a fraction of the original's power. If one of these creatures makes it to the source, there's no telling what might happen to it.

Dalton: But that's where the artifact is. So that's where I gotta go.

Now release all cages and hopefully mutated Mukhogg, Snipe or Rammer will be able to stop those Araknids from generating, making progress easier. Override the locks and go down through the left door. Go down the crack there, kill any Araknids you see, take the CAR, CAR clips, Health Pickup, Energy Pickup, Shotgun shells and run as far forward as you can get, killing any pods and Araknids you see. They generate new ones over and over again, so be very quick! Take Toxic Grenades, 3x8 shotgun shells, Health and Energy pickups on the way. When you reach the end, you will get Aida's message:

The artifact is in the beam. You've got to shut it down. The controls are right next to it, but be careful. There's something else in there. Something big.

Jump down now. The level boss will do the same. It's a Heavy Araknid. This monster can shoot spider pods, and small Araknids will walk towards the beam to get upgraded to medium Araknids! Use your whole arsenal to kill your opponents, and make sure none of the small Araknids reach the Artifact! Best weapons against the Heavy Araknid are Toxic Grenades and your Flamethrower. Once it's done, the heavy Araknid will scream and explode, making the protective glass on the beam controls to shatter. You can recharge your health and shields here, but you won't need that any longer so you might as well just press the controls. Then take the Weapon Damage Artifact and the level ends.

Second cutscene

In this cutscene you see PeaceKeeper flying from Hell back to TCA Atlantis. Once it lands in it, Atlantis turns away from Gaigan and flies away, possibly to the nearest Jump Gate. The scene is pretty generic, and you will see many more similar ones later, although Gaigan does look pretty.


  • Some of the level designers for the maps of this level had arachnophobia, as you can't see a single Araknid when you open the maps in UnrealEd. All of the enemies are spawned, so they aren't visible in the level editor.
  • If you try to talk to Ne'Ban in Atlantis Interlude after he says everything, you will get replies in this order:
Sorry, captain. I am occupied territory. Perhaps some other time.

Flying now. Perhaps talking later.
Many pardons, but could we talk later?
Old Hex-Core saying: "Talk to pilot, go splat."
So sorry, but this is not a good time.
Dodging asteroids takes much concentration.
Excusing me kindly, but not now.
I am flying. And time is flying. Your language is most curious.
Have your people call my people. We'll be lunch.

Stars are pretty. Hitting them is not.

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