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For other uses, see Sanctuary (disambiguation).

Screenshot of Elara V: Sanctuary
Full title Elara V: Sanctuary
Author(s) Grayson Edge
Music M08.con, m09_outro.ogg
Game Unreal II: The Awakening
Gametype Single player

Sanctuary is a set of levels featured in Unreal II: The Awakening. These are the first levels that the player has to battle in. The Sanctuary level is spread over three maps with the filenames: M08A1.un2, M08A2.un2 and M08B.un2. The action takes place on Elara V.

Atlantis Interlude

If you wish to skip the Atlantis Interlude walkthrough, go to the Sanctuary - Mining Complex Entrance section.

First cutscene

The first cutscene

The level starts with a cutscene. The camera is now in the TCA Atlantis, the docking bay. Doors open and Aida steps in. She opens a hatch and operates a keyboard there. The docking bay opens and the dropship of John Dalton is carried up. It opens after a short while, and John Dalton steps out of it.

Inside TCA Atlantis

The controls are now given to you. Aida now reports:

First Officer Aida returning command of the ship to you, sir. Ship's Engineer Isaak is standing by on the upper deck, and Ship's Pilot Ne'Ban has the con.

Now you get two reply options: 1 - Why so formal? and 2 - Acknowledged. It doesn't matter which one you'll choose. You will say:

(1) What's with all the ranks and titles?
(2) It's good to be back.
The Briefing Room, displaying pictures of Sactuary

Aida will answer:

(1) Prolonged exposure to brass usually makes you revert to your primitive military state. Just trying to make you feel at home... Sir.
(2) Really? I thought you enjoyed playing soldiers with your pal Hawkins.

Either way, after that you ask:

What's our status?

And get a reply:

While you were docking, we received a distress call from the Elara star system. We're already en route. Would you like to take an inspection tour of the ship and meet our new pilot, or go right to the briefing room for the mission?

As expected, you get 2 select options: 1 - Inspection and 2 - Briefing. I'd recommend you to choose the first option.

(1) We got plenty of time. Let's take a look around.
(2) Let's find out what we're in for this time.
(2) OK, I'll meet you in the briefing room.
John Dalton and Aida
Under the Briefing Room

If you chose the first option, Aida will now start the inspection:

OK. Let's begin right here in the drop room. We need a new airlock unit, but the quartermaster on Avalon didn't have any. As usual. We've ordered a new one for our next visit. I'll wait for you outside the Briefing Room.

You might want to climb into a hatch or two there, although you won't find anything interesting. Follow Aida to the Briefing Room.

We took advantage of the layover to upgrade the holo projector in the Briefing Room. I'll wait here while you take a look around.

Do as she said - look around. Go to the right side of the holo tank. There's a hidden orange button on the right side of the table, between the table side and the wall. Remember its location. The holograph now shows a hologram of Avalon.

When you go out of the Briefing Room, Aida continues:

As you requested, we converted the storage room to a weapons locker. Isaak will now do your weapon loadouts here... presuming he's sober. Oh! Did I say that out loud?

You exclaim worriedly:

Not drunk again!

But Aida calms you down:

Well, no, actually. But you know it's only a matter of time. Anyway, he's waiting for you on the upper deck to complete the inspection. I'll go prepare the briefing.
The first secret button

Don't go up now, but follow Aida. Remember the hidden button? Press it to get a growing and growling Seagoat hologram! You will exclaim:


If you press it the second time, the Seagoat will shrink instead. Now, go out of the Briefing Room and up the ladder. You will see Isaak here. He will welcome you:

Welcome back, boss. You wanna inspect the upper deck?

Again, you get 2 select options: 1 - Inspection and 2 - No inspection. Again, you should pick the first option.

(1) Might as well. Whaddya got?
(2) No thanks. I'll snoop around later.
(2) No sweat. By the way, I picked up some new ordnance on Avalon. We can go over it after the briefing. See ya.
John Dalton and Isaak

If you selected the first option, Isaak will say:

Your quarters haven't been disturbed. We've put Ne'Ban in the other port cabin, but his gear is still in the hold so there's nothing to see yet. Let's look at the starboard berths instead.

Isaak will now go near the door to Aida's cabin. Follow him.

Aida's cabin. Spotless as usual, I'm sure. I'll wait here.
Isaak standing on the upper deck

Go inside and look around. Nothing too interesting except a teddy bear and the Pharaoh chess board. Go back outside, and you'll catch Isaak rambling:

Moving on. The idiots in supply still haven't sent up spare transducers. How they expect me to keep this bucket of bolts airborne is beyond me.
I redecorated my cabin. Early Provincial. Hope you like it.

Go inside his cabin and look around. Very technical, but nothing too interesting too. Move on:

Next up is the bridge. I tell ya, bein' on the butt end of the food chain really sucks. If we were a marine ship, we wouldn't have to wait around for parts. I'm makin' a new art form out of scrounging. I guess the biggest change to the bridge is our new pilot. I'll let you introduce yourself. By the way, I picked up some new ordnance on Avalon. Let's go over it after Aida's briefing. See ya.

Go through the door and the hallway and enter the bridge. Ne'Ban is waiting here. As soon as he sees you, he will start talking:

Ne'Ban: Hello Marshal, Sir. I am saluting you. It is many pleasures to be buttling with you aboard this fine ship.

Dalton: Buttling?
Ne'Ban: Buttling. Waiting upon. No - Serving! I am seeing many pleasures *serving* with you. And I am saluting you again.
Dalton: No need to salute, Ne'Ban. It's an informal ship. Why don't you settle in here and I'll catch up with you later.

Ne'Ban: Aye-aye-aye, Sir. Settling in is now my top priorities.
Ne'Ban and John Dalton

With "buttling" Ne'Ban probably tried constructing a new word out of "butler". He somehow doesn't talk English very well. Look around the bridge and go out. Now find Isaak again. He will be probably looking at a smoking panel. If you try to talk, he will say:

A little smoke ain't gonna hurt us. If it starts shootin' sparks, *then* we got trouble.
The laughing heads secret

Go past him, and you might see some of the machinery shooting sparks! Isaak doesn't see this, though. Reach the other end of the ship, where are two more doors you didn't go though. One is Ne'Ban's - the one with his suit and a TV. The other one is yours, you can see some medals and armour there, as well as a photo of Avalon on the screen. After checking both of those, go past Ne'Ban's cabin into the back hallway and jump into the open hatch in the corner of the hallway. If you look back towards head of the ship, crouch and search under one of the parts of the hatch, you'll find a button, press it to get a few evil Lincoln and Grant heads laughing at you. You will exclaim:


In case you're wondering, Grant Roberts is a co-worker and friend (and the voice of Ne'Ban!) of Matthias Worch.

Now save the game. Go into the briefing room and talk to Aida. She will ask you if you're ready for the briefing - answer that you are. Now the briefing starts.

Aida: We're headed for Sanctuary, the fifth planet in the Elara System. It's an earth-style world with a dense jungle covering. It's currently uninhabited, except for a Liandri mining operation. A few hours ago we received the following distress call.

Danny Miller: Mayday! Mayday! This is the Liandri Station Lima Six on Sanctuary. We're in trouble down here. The facility has been overrun by hostile aliens. We don't know what the hell they are or where they came from. Multiple casualties. Please assist!

Aida: That's it. I don't know who is attacking them or why. Let's look at the main base in the holotank. The Liandri complex has two components. The ore processing unit grinds up the rocks and extracts precious minerals. Unfortunately, we don't have any blueprints of the interior. They've cleared away the jungle and separated the Power Plant from the main facility by a few hundred yards. This huge generator provides juice for the heavy rock-crushing equipment. Here is the nearest entrance from your drop point. Good luck down there. Isaak should be waiting across the hall to do your weapons loadout. If not, you'll probably find him in his cabin sleeping one off. I'll be right here if you have any further questions.
Aida and Danny Miller
The Lincoln distress call secret

Aida will open the transmission and preview the base in the holo tank. After the briefing is done, load your saved game. Go to to Ne'Ban's cabin, and look for a hatch outside it. Open it, and you'll see a Seagoat inside. It will ask "Meep?". You'll get these options: Spam, Spew, Spock. Answer "Spam" three times. Then you'll get choices 1 - Humperdinck, 2 - Tradition! and 3 - Humbug. Answer "Humbug" and the Seagoat will say that Lincoln is pleased. Now go into your cabin and stand in front of your locker. Press the tilde key (~) and enter bemymonkey to enable cheats, then enter ghost. Fly through the locker, and turn back to see the Seagoat license plate attached to it. Fly back into your cabin, press tilde again and enter walk. Go back to the briefing room and see the briefing again. Instead of Danny Miller, you'll see Abe Lincoln speaking!

After the briefing, you can also ask Aida some questions. Here's the dialogue:

Aida: Yes?

Dalton: So what's the mission in twenty-five words or less?
Aida: Get in, save whoever you can, get out.
Dalton: Mind if I take another look at those holographs?
Aida: Knock yourself out. The controls are in front of the table.
Dalton: Anything else?
Aida: Nope. Either talk to Isaak or hit the dropship. Your choice.

Dalton: Thanks.
John Dalton and Aida

Now go to the room opposite the Briefing Room and talk to Isaak.

Isaak: I liberated a grenade launcher and a few frag grenades from a depot on Avalon. Wanna take a look? Or, how 'bout we brush up on your other weapons.

Dalton: Let's have a look.
Isaak: The M406 Grenade Launcher has slots for six different grenade types. Tapping your primary fire lobs out a grenade that explodes on contact. Holding the trigger a little longer engages the timing mechanism, so you can bounce 'em around some. Secondary fire chambers the next grenade type, if you've got any. If ya like, I can tell you about the individual grenades. Take your pick.
Dalton: How 'bout the pistol?
Isaak: The T-13 popgun is yer standard law enforcement sidearm. Doesn't need ammo - recharges from a quantum pack in the handle. Primary fire is a slow-moving energy pulse. Alt-Fire charges up a stronger pulse until you release it. A dependable fall-back weapon, but not much use in a crowd.
Dalton: Lemme see the CAR.
Isaak: The M32 Duster fires depleted uranium shards that don't have shells, but build up a nasty dust that gets ejected between clips. Primary fire spits out rounds at a very high automatic rate. Alt-Fire is a cluster of five shards packed together to form a single, slower-moving slug. The slug breaks apart when it hits a wall, so if you're good, you can even shoot around corners. Very effective overall - you can hose down an area with primary fire, or deliver a single lethal punch with the alt-fire.
Dalton: Tell me about the frag grenade.
Isaak: Enormous explosive power and needle-sharp carbo-steel fragments. Absolutely lethal in close quarters.

Dalton: See ya later.
Isaak and John Dalton
The EMP Flashbang secret

Now go near the door, crouch and look under Isaak's table. You'll see a small button there. Press it and you'll see an EMP burst, Isaak will say "Flashbang!" and you'll repeat your line "Jesus!". Now the last thing to do here: open the console again (tilde) and enter togglebehindview. You will see yourself! Press the fire key and your character will raise his hand and show the victory sign. Press the alt fire, and now it appears that John Dalton is fixing something. Crouch, and then press Space. You will prone. Walk around some. Now climb up the ladder to the top floor and prone again. While in prone position, drop down the ladder. You will hear your character screaming for a short time and he will do the ground hit animation. Open the console again and enter togglebehindview again. Go to the dropship room and use it.

Second cutscene

The second cutscene

As soon as you enter the dropship, a cutscene starts. Atlantis arrives near a planet. Your dropship flies out of Atlantis. A dialogue starts:

Aida: Remember now, search and rescue. No rough stuff.

Dalton: Yes, *mother*.
Aida: Look, I'm not kidding! I don't want to have to come down there and save your sorry ass.

Dalton: Relax. I'm sure the natives are friendly.
Aida and John Dalton

From now on you'll see that Aida doesn't like killing anyone. You'll find out why later.

Now your dropship flies down to the surface of the planet and is covered by orange glow. The cutscene ends here, and the first mission starts.


Third cutscene

The third cutscene

You will be shown a few dead Liandri miners, cockroaches around, and a shadow of an Izarian killing a miner. Then your dropship appears from the sky. Izarians notice it and one of them fires an EMP-enhanced Shock Ball from its Shock Lance. The ball somehow doesn't do much damage to your ship.

Sanctuary - Mining Complex Entrance

Note: the walkthrough has been completed on the Easy level. Enemies are stronger on higher difficulty levels

You appear near your dropship, holding a Combat Assault Rifle. A new objective is given to you: Investigate the installation on Sanctuary to discover the cause of the distress call. This area is a good place to see what weapons you have. The Combat Assault Rifle here is a great weapon that you will use throughout this and later levels. The best thing is that it's almost fully loaded! 500 bullets will be more than enough to pass the level. Now, take out the Dispersion Pistol and play with it (we've got plenty of time because the Unreal II episode is quite short). Try killing all cockroaches you find. Then try to mantle on top of the TSL crate you see here (you might even mantle on top of the Shock Lance there too!). Remember: mantling is a great way to get good stuff. Many weapons and ammo are placed on top of crates. This crate, though, reveals nothing interesting. The last weapon you have is the Grenade Launcher. It has only frag grenades, and only 5. But remember that they are extremely good and hit 200 points of damage.

Take out your CAR and move on through the door. Down the staircase, through a dead miner, down another staircase. You'll see a button there. Don't press it yet. While walking here, you'll hear a miner being tortured. Don't worry, he won't die until you see him. Now walk under the staircase and you'll see another dead miner holding a pack of Frag Grendades! Take them (you now have 10) and push the button. The door opens, and you see the miner being tortured by Izarians on the opposite side of a door. As you approach the miner, he shouts:

A miner being tortured
Thank God! Help me!
Unknown miner

Seconds later, he is pulled under the door. The switch doesn't appear to be working, and you hear some sounds from Vortex Rikers of Unreal. The miner is dead, and there is no way you can help him. Now prepare to face your first enemy... Turn right and go forward until you see two walkways meet, then continue. You might alt fire your CAR forward hit the Izarian that runs though here. I never managed to do that myself though. If you hit the fire extinguishers there, they explode - remember this and don't blow them up when you're near. Do that when the enemy is near one! Now reload your CAR (R key), and go right. You will see a miner being killed by an Izarian. Now the action starts! The Izarians will see you and hop through ventilation shafts at the top to kill you! You can kill an Izarian with a direct Alt-Fire shot of the CAR. It hits way more than the primary fire, so use it instead of the primary. Be careful not to pick up the Izarian weapons! If you happen to do so, quickly change back to the Combat Assault Rifle! Don't worry about the bouncy Shock Bolts, they do almost no damage. Kill all of the Izarians and only then take all the Shock Lances. Danny Miller will now start talking:

...get this thing working. Hey wait, I'm broadcasting! Sir! Up here! The camera! I'm watching you on the security network.

Look at the camera. You can shoot an Izarian bolt at it if you want. Now a "dialogue" starts:

Dalton: Is the system two-way? Can you hear me?

Miller: Don't bother talking back. The system's only one-way. I won't hear you.
Dalton: Glad we cleared this up.
Miller: Boy am I glad to see you. TCA, wow! I wasn't sure anyone got my distress call. I'm Danny Miller, level one technician. I hope you're here to rescue me, 'cause there's no way I'm getting out on my own. Everyone I see on the security cameras is dead. I'm barricaded in a security office over in the generator building. You'll have to go through the collection plant to get here, though. Hmmm... The main route is blocked. Hold on, I'll open the hatches to the runoff basin. It's a short swim. There's a camera on the other side, so I'll see you when you come up.

Aida: Jesus, John. Were WE ever that green?
John Dalton, Danny Miller and Aida

You will get an Objective Complete message, two new objectives: Get to the generator building and Rescue Miller and a hatch will open. If you took all the Izarian weapons and tested them out (they don't do any serious damage yet, don't use these weapons), jump down. Now this part is quite tricky to navigate. Swim down to the bottom (as Raff said, you can't drown). You will see some bones and some Combat Assault Rifles, which you should take to restock your ammo. Now go back to one of the two hatches and try to get back up. You can't. So look down and follow the pipe until you get to a place with a yet another dead miner and a lot of blood around. Now a short dialogue will commence:

Aida: How's your suit pressure?
Dalton: Fine. Ever heard the expression "Blood is thicker than water"? Well, it's true.
Aida and John Dalton

Swim forward and after some time you'll reach the end. Surface and you'll get to an area with... You guessed it, yet another dead miner. Go forward, climb up the ladder, and you'll see the same miner that asked for help earlier. You could have avoided the ambush if the switch was working!.. You'll hear some Izarian voices, go up the staircase. There's a health pack up there if you need it. Open the door and prepare for more action. Three Izarians are trying to damage a camera. While you try to kill them (2 can be killed with a single CAR alt fire), Miller says:

Get away from the camera, you space monkey freaks! Leave it alone! I don't know what these things are, but I hate 'em.

You'll also notice that Miller comments some of your shots, saying something like Great shot!. He will be an alternative to the Announcers of Unreal Tournament in this level. After killing those Izarians, you might want to return and take the health pack. Now reload and prepare for some more action! Don't go in; instead, turn right, slowly open the door, dodge in and alt-fire the sneaking Izarian. More will come from the bottom, up the stairs. Kill them however you want. After that, you might want to get back and take the health pack, if you haven't already. I didn't need it any of these times. Climb down the stairs for yet another Izarian. Take it out (don't jump on the EMP ball!). Now Miller will report:

An Izarian, seen by leaning.
Miller here. You're a mess! (laughs) And blue is definitely not your colour! These creatures showed up right after we pulled this alien... thing up from the mine. It's really old, like a relic or something. Broke a drill bit on it, too. I've got it here with me.

Miller is speaking about an Artifact. The note that they broke a metal drill that can crush rocks on it shows how strong these things are.

Move on. You'll see a long ladder going up. Be careful! There's an Izarian on the other side of the ladder sneaking on you. Go to the ladder, climb up a few steps, then turn back and hold the Space bar to get up while looking back. Kill the Izarian as soon as you see it. You might want to use the primary CAR fire here, as the bars here stop the incendiary slug from moving and hurts you instead.

Reload and go up. A crate of goodies! Take the two Frag Grenade Packs and a Grenade Launcher with 5 Frag Grenades, then jump on the crate for a Health Pickup. Prepare for some more fighting! Danny Miller will briefly tell you about what's waiting here:

Careful - a lot of that stuff is unstable. A straight shot might set it off.

Remember what I've said about the fire extinguishers? Use that knowledge to fry some Izarians and don't get yourself into the flames. There are two hiding past the crates just in front. Kill them, then go forward. You'll be ambushed just as you go half way from one set of crates to another. Watch your back! There are some Izarians there too. So before you go there, reload and prepare. There will be around 4 Izarins in front and 4 more behind. After you're done dealing with them, take a health pickup if needed and go past the crates. You'll see three CAR clips, each having 70 bullets. Take them to restock your ammo. Now go through the door, but don't go too far away. Drown down into the water to the left or right, then swim under the platform to find 2 packs of extra Frag Grenades. Take them if you need, and mantle up the platform again. Your screen darkens out and the level ends.

Sanctuary - Mining Complex

You start where you left the last time. The grenades aren't there now, so don't even check. Go through the door to the outside area. Danny Miller reports:

An Izarian breaking a security camera.
Good news, sir! I don't see any of those creatures around. I think you've got an easy ride from here on in.

You'll soon see why Miller didn't see any of those creatures... That's because they're on the roof. And they soon damage the camera. Now, use your CAR to kill any Izarians you see on top of that structure. They will jump down soon, so be careful. To the right you will soon see a Health Pickup. When you advance further, you will see another Health Pickup just on the way. Don't jump into the slime pool too. The barrels that are marked with a flame icon are explosive - don't kill yourself. When you're done, you'll see that the doors out of this area are broken. The lower section open and closes. So, crouch, wait for it to start going down, and then crouch in. You shouldn't be crushed. Now, Danny Miller sees you on the cameras and say:

Whew! I thought I'd lost you. Next up is the drainage room. It's chock-full of those creatures, but there's no other way. Good luck.

The doors here are your friends. Open the door, shoot what you can see with the CAR primary fire, wait for them to close, reload, repeat. If after that you'll need another health pickup, you can find it on the crate just to the right from the door. Danny Miller doesn't help when he says "Over there!", but when he will say "Man, I hope I never get YOU angry!", there will be no Izarians left. The drainage room has nothing interesting. Try to go through the door and Miller will remember something:

Oh right, the security door! Hold on, I'll open it up. There we go.

The doors open, and you can go through. Inside, there are loads of goodies you need! Two CAR clips holding 70 bullets and one Energy Pickup which you will surely need around now. Miller reports again:

I'm real worried about the next stretch. None of the cameras work, so I can't see if anything's in there. Be careful, OK?
Your elevator bursts into flames!

He's right. There is something bad in there. But go in for now. The button is marked as "Elevator_door". This elevator is made especially for you... Get out your Grenade Launcher. After you click the button, a scene inspired by Unreal's Rrajigar Mine will commence. Relax and watch the show. The elevator will stop, and the lights will go off one by one. Your eyes will get used to the dark and you will see a Skaarj jumping down on your cabin. He will try to break in, and will cut off the cables that hold your cabin. You will start falling down! The brakes work good here, though, and you won't die from falling damage. As soon as you land, get out of the elevator! Then throw in a Frag Grenade and if it hits the Skaarj, you got an easy frag. It usually doesn't, though. In that case, either try to hit him with the Grenade Launcher or get out your trusty CAR. Don't use the alt fire though, as the Skaarj have Razik that reflects projectiles - as your primary fire is hitscan, there's no need to worry about that. After the fight, you ask Aida:

Dalton: Argh! Hey Aida, does your guidebook list this as a vacation spot for Skaarj?
Aida: He's probably checking up on his Izarian grunts. I don't like this, John.
John Dalton and Aida

Nothing interesting in this area too. Go forward and press the button. The door is blocked! Go back and you will see a small lift. Take it and ride up. Open the door and go behind the stairs for an Energy and a Health Pickups. Go back up, where Miller will see you:

So...? Nothing happened, right? That's a relief. Guess I was worried for nothing.

You can shoot at the camera to express annoyance.

Now, prepare your car and open the door. You will see another Skaarj - which you can take out with a single well-placed alt-fire shot (be careful though, remember that it can reflect projectiles). If you kill the Skaarj near the pool, you can see some nice ragdoll effects. Now look around this eye-pleasing area. Inside a round object (looks like a huge tyre) you can find an Assault Rifle clip, and just to the left of the next doors - another one. You can also mantle up the wall near the pool, walk the trampoline and jump into the water! Now jump out and go through the door. But not far enough! Wait for the door to close and click the hidden "Item" button behind the doors. No idea what it does though, so you might as well go further and out of this map.

Sanctuary - Power Plant

As the map starts, look behind you. Yeap - the doors have mysteriously changed! Ah well, just a minor mistake. Take out your CAR and press the button to open the door. You appear in the same corridor, but you see a dead miner with 2 CAR clips and hear Danny Miller talking.

The exit is up ahead. I can't track you outside, but I'll pick you up again when you get close to the generator building. See you soon, sir.

You already noticed how hard it gets when Miller doesn't see you... So expect some battles. Before going outside, collect the clips. When you go outside, you will be immediately ambushed by Izarians on top of the hills sniping and a Skaarj in front. Deal with the Skaarj first (you can take it out with a single alt fire punch while it groans), then take out Izarians one by one (snipe with alt fire). If you need more ammo, you can jump into the pool there (the water is safe) for 3 CAR clips and one Combat Assault Rifle. Come out and prepare to meet more Skaarj just as you cross the bridge there. One Medium Skaarj is sneaking to the left, while another one is walking to the right. They have huge Razik and tend to jump on you, so you are probably better with using the Grenade Launcher for the one nearby, and a combo of primary and alt fire for the one further. After both are dead, take the Health Pickup to the right of the bridge and touch the dead Skaarj for getting back shield energy. Now to the left there is a light Skaarj guarding a dead miner with a CAR and a CAR clip, and there is one more just to the right of that Skaarj. Again, don't use the primary CAR fire as it will be blocked. After that, you might want to return to the pool and take the ammo you left (or even back to the building if you didn't pick up both clips). The water in the pipe area reveals nothing of interest, so don't fall in. Once you get to the camera, Miller will think it's all over, and a "dialogue" will commence:

Miller: You made it! Woohoo! I'm right around the corner. Be right out!
Dalton: No! It's not safe. I haven't cleared the area yet! Damn kid's going to get himself killed.
Danny Miller and John Dalton

Just after these words, a cutscene will be shown. Danny Miller gets out of the building, and gets into the hands of an Izarian. A heavy Skaarj, probably their general, comes out and goes through the Izarian. He tries to hit Miller, but the miner accidentally jumps down the generator shaft. An announcer will say: Obstruction detected, emergency shutdown in 3... 2... 1..., and as the generator closes, the Skaarj will decide that he needs that thing too much and jumps in. The cutscene ends, and your HUD shows Objective failed. Now Aida starts a dialogue:

Aida: Pull out!

Dalton: Negative!
Aida: Your job's done. Fighting Skaarj isn't in the mission profile.
Dalton: That kid just died to keep the artifact from the Skaarj. You think I'm gonna just walk away? Get me down there!
Aida: Forget it!
Dalton: I'm going, whether you help me or not.

Aida: Damn! ...go to the control room and power up the generator. And you'd better hope they kill you. Because if they don't, I will.
Aida and John Dalton
The laughing Skaarj

You'll get a new objective. Now climb up the stairs near the camera and follow the walkway to an emergency hatch. Open it and kill an Izarian inside. Jump in and you'll find a Grenade Launcher, a CAR clip and a health pickup. Take what you need and open the door. You will appear in another walkway near the generator. Follow it, through an automatic door, through an empty corridor, through another automatic door. There's an Izarian on the left side attached to the ceiling. Kill it and operate the lift (once you're inside it). Now you're probably wondering where are all the enemies. They will be here soon. Go forward and a light Skaarj will break the window here. If you're quick, you can shoot it before he starts doing anything. Go forward, and you'll see a closed door with a Skaarj inside killing a miner. After it does that, it will laugh at you and drown down. Now find a hole opposite the door, take the CAR and a CAR clip on the way and alt fire at the Skaarj for an easy kill (he has nowhere to hide or dodge here). Now this part is tricky. Crouch under the raised platform here and go towards the grate floor you see. Mantle through the side of the platform and kill the light Skaarj here. He will probably have some time to dodge, so you'll be somewhat damaged then. Now you will get an Objective Complete message. Take the CAR, CAR clip and an Energy Pickup from the table, then go near the place you jumped out and take the health pickup there. You will notice a Emergency Override trigger here, press it and do the same with another one near it. Now a hologram of the generator will appear on the table here. The announcer will say: Main terminal online. Foreign object detected in generator. Analyzing... Alien lifeform detected in generator. To terminate shutdown and restart generator, press override button. A picture of the Heavy Skaarj and a button will appear. Press the button. The announcer reports: Startup sequence engaged. Retracting shield. Generator now online.

You will be shown the generator opening, and you'll get a new objective. Now Aida will say:

If you're going down there, be careful. I decryped a Skaarj intercept that says they want that thing pretty bad.

The door button is now available. Go through these and another doors. Now this area is full of Izarians. Kill the one on the crate, and try to take out the one behind without going inside the hallway. If the doors close, open them again and kill the Izarian. Go in and there is yet another one hiding behind a crate. Kill it and ride the lift back down. This area is still clean. Go thorough 2 doors and exit the building. Now you will see the generator. Just after you exit, jump over the fence and climb onto a piece of the generator that goes further than the surrounding cylinder. Here comes agility training. You have to get to the bottom without taking falling damage or getting burned by the beams. They are moving to make things even more difficult. You have to jump on the beam generator things while they are extended, and then jump down as they come back. If you fail, you will fall and take some damage. It's not much, but it's more interesting to climb down step by step. Remember, unlike in other Unreal series games, you do fall down when crouching. Once you're down there, go to the corpse of Danny Miller (don't worry, the Skaarj isn't here... yet).

The level boss

Take the artifact, and it will show up. This is the toughest foe you will face in this level... And the last one. Get out your Grenade Launcher and frag the Skaarj with three or four grenades, as this Skaarj, unlike the other ones, isn't agile at all and won't dodge off your grenades. If you're quick, the Skaarj won't even start firing. If he does, avoid the big red projectiles as they are very lethal. Take the energy he left in his suit. You will say:

I've got the artifact, whatever it is. Looks alien.. and REALLY old.

Later on the sentence I've got the artifact! will be used in XMP matches... But for now, enter the lift in the center of the generator. Aida will say:

I called HQ and they went ape. A speedship of Marines is on the way to collect it. Get to the surface and hunker down until they get there.

Press the elevator controls and go up. A cutscene will follow.

Fourth cutscene

John Dalton stands still looking at the Marine dropship while it lands. Sergeant Kramer comes out to take the artifact. He congratulates Dalton:

The outro cutscene
Kramer: Nice work, Marshal. You shoulda been a Marine.

Dalton: Don't get me started.
Kramer: That the artifact? Doesn't look like much!
Dalton: Must be important to someone, though.
Kramer: Okay, we'll take it from here. Take care flying out; the area's still plenty hot.

Dalton: Will do. Semper Fi.
Sgt. Kramer and John Dalton

The level ends here, without having to go back to the ship.


  • The installation screens of both Unreal II and Unreal Anthology show that Sanctuary was originally planned to be a multiplayer level, but was later changed into a single player one. The mission number, 8, also shows how late the mission was created.
  • A screenshot of the cutscene just before entering Sanctuary is used as one of the Liandri Archives logo backrounds.
  • Sanctuary inspired many of the XMP maps, for example, XMP-Garden.

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