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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Morbias.

Screenshot of Morbias


Full title Morbias
Author(s) Elliot "Myscha" Cannon
Game Unreal
Gametype Deathmatch


DmMorbias is as simple as they come. It's an octagonal room with 2 floors, with the middle of the 2nd floor cut out to form a large courtyard in the middle of the map. There are 2 smaller rooms on opposite ends of the octagonal room with the spawnpoints and lifts to the 2nd floor. Its simple lay-out gave it a reputation in the community, as well as several sequels in DM-Morbias][, UT3's DM-Morbias and UT2003's spin-off DM-Gael.

The straightforward design is reinforced by a straightforward selection of pickups. There are no health pickups, or any other powerups. The only weapon available is the Eightball Gun, with near a dozen Rocket Packs to provide the player with ammunition. These are the only pickups in the map.

Weapons & Pickups



Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Eightball Gun 5 11 4 on the 1st floor of the center room. 7 on the 2nd floor, each one in a corner.


Pickup Count Location
None - -


Pick up an Eightball and shoot before the opponent does. Use the normal, alternative fire or a combination to make the best of a situation. The more narrow doorways are the easiest place to frag the opponent, as he doesn't have any room to dodge a barrage of rockets. Other that, keep moving and gain domination over the center court.


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