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Gimmick maps

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Maps featuring a distinctive perk such as a trap or an advantage. These maps are considered fun for casual combat, but are disliked by seasoned players who dismiss them for "not being competitive". Also, these maps have the most meaningful of names in the entire game.

In order to qualify in this list, the map must feature a very distinctive perk such as:

  • Traps (electrical, crushing, pressure, etc).
  • Special areas such as low-gravity.
  • Maps with particular ways to score outside of the gametype's rules.
  • Another distinctive mechanic present alongside of the map.

On the contrary, maps with these features don't count:

  • Assault maps, by their very nature.
  • Special items and vehicles which can be found in only one map (DM-Fearless and DM-EdenInc featuring both the Invulnerability and X-Ray Field respectively; AS-OceanFloor featuring the SCUBA Gear).
  • Base-based maps which only have an unusual but symmetrical layout (L-shaped CTF maps such as CTF-Grassyknoll) and nothing else.
  • Void/pool maps with regular-gravity (CTF-Face and its other versions, DM-Crane, DM-Deck16][)
  • Highly cramped, mobility-limiting maps (DM-KGalleon)


The list includes the Fusion Mappack.

Unreal Tournament

See also Asymmetrical CTF maps

Unreal Tournament 2004

This list includes maps from Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003.

Unreal Championship 2

Unreal Tournament III