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This article describes the music and the technology behind it in the different Unreal games.



Main Article: Unreal#Music

Unreal features music in the UMX file format, which is a package format with embedded MOD, S3M, or IT music.

Most music was composed by Alexander Brandon (aka Siren), and Michiel van den Bos (aka M.C.A.). A few tracks were composed by Dan Gardopée (aka Dan Grandpre and Basehead), and Andrew Sega (aka Necros).

Title Filename Sections Uses Author
FlightCastle FlyBy 1 Flyby Intro Alexander Brandon
Vortex Rikers Vortex 2 Vortex Rikers Alexander Brandon
Dusk Horizon Dusk 2 NyLeve's Fall and Sacred Passage Alexander Brandon
Dig - Shareware Version DigSh 3 Rrajigar Mine and Depths of Rrajigar Alexander Brandon
Chizra Chizra1 1 Chizra-Nali Water God Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos
SETI Seti 2 The Ceremonial Chambers Michiel van den Bos
Nali Chant Nali 2 Dark Arena Alexander Brandon
Hub 2 Hub2 3 Harobed Village Michiel van den Bos
NightVision K_Vision 3 Terraniux Underground and Terraniux Alexander Brandon
Hub 4 Fourth 2 Noork's Elbow Michiel van den Bos
Unreal Crypt UTemple 2 Temple of Vandora Alexander Brandon
Hub 5 Fifth 2 The Trench Michiel van den Bos
Unreal #9 Newmca9 2 ISV-Kran Deck 4 Michiel van den Bos
Unreal #9 Kran32 2 ISV-Kran Decks 3 and 2 Michiel van den Bos
Unreal #9 Kran2 2 ISV-Kran Deck 1 Michiel van den Bos
Hub 3 Spire 3 Spire Village, The Sunspire Michiel van den Bos
Surfacing Surface 1 Gateway to Na Pali Alexander Brandon
All Hallows Sunset SkyTwn 2 Na Pali Haven Alexander Brandon
Isotoxin Isotoxin 1 Outpost 3J Necros (Andrew Sega)
Guardian Guardian 1 Velora Pass Alexander Brandon
Bluff Eversmoking Eversmoke 2 Bluff Eversmoking Michiel van den Bos
Unreal #7 Newmca7 2 Dasa Mountain Pass and Cellars at Dasa Pass Michiel van den Bos
WarGate WarGate 3 Serpent Canyon, Nali Castle, Demonlord's Lair Alexander Brandon
Warlord Theme Warlord 1 Demonlord's Lair and Skaarj Generator Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos
Hub 7 Crater 3 Demon Crater Michiel van den Bos
Erosion Unreal4 3 MotherShip Lab, MotherShip Core, Skaarj Generator and The Darkening Basehead (Dan Gardopée)
Extreme END EndEx 3 The Source Antechamber Alexander Brandon
Queen of Death QueenSong 3 The Source Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos
Unreal - Main Title Utend 1 Ending Sequence Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos
Unreal #13 Newmca13 2 Unused Michiel van den Bos
Unreal #16 Newmca16 2 Unused Michiel van den Bos

Unreal 2

Main Article: Unreal 2: The Awakening#Music

Unreal 2 features music in the Ogg Vorbis format, as well as in Microsoft's DirectMusic format. The latter allows music to dynamically change depending on what is happening in the game. XMP uses only Vorbis music. The music is mostly electronic.

Jack Wall (Tommy Tallarico Studios), Clint Bajakian (Tommy Tallarico Studios), Jeremy Soule (Artistry Entertainment), Crispin Hands (Artistry Entertainment), Brian Min (Weddington Productions), Chance Thomas, Richard Schneider and original Unreal composer Alexander Brandon are credited for working on the music in Unreal II.

Title Filename Uses
Ambient Music 1 01u2ambient1 Unknown, might be ambient sounds from some level
Ambient Music 2 01u2ambient2 Unknown, might be ambient sounds from some level
Ambient Music 3 01u2ambient3 Unknown, might be ambient sounds from some level
Ambient Music 4 01u2ambient4 Unknown, might be ambient sounds from some level
Atlantis Shotdown atlantis_shotdown Atlantis shotdown cutscene
Burst Transmission burst_transmission Re-play of the Burst Transmission, final cutscene
Caution caution Unknown, probably unused
Credits Music CreditsMusic Unreal II Credits
Death 1 DEATH_1 Played when the player dies
Death 2 DEATH_2 Played when the player dies
Death 3 DEATH_3 Played when the player dies
Death 4 DEATH_4 Played when the player dies
Drakk Attack DRAKKATTACK Drakk attack on Na Koja Abad
Drakk Awaken DRAKKAWAKEN Awakening of the Drakk cutscene on Na Koja Abad
Drakk Cinematics drakkcinem Landing on Drakk Homeworld cutscene
Duty Calls A DutyCallsA Cutscene before Swamp
Duty Calls B DutyCallsB Unknown
Duty Calls DutyCalls Unknown
Face Grabber facegrabber Unused, probably a cut out level
Game Over - Lose GameOverLose Game lost theme for XMP
Game Over - Win GameOverWin Game won theme for XMP
Hawkins Death hawkins_death Hawkins death cutscene
Hybrid hybrid Unused, probably a cut scene of a cut out level
Mission 02 Idle m02-idle Unused, idle theme from a cut out level
Drakk Awaken M03A3-01 Unused, the same as Drakk Awaken
Na Koja Abad Intro m03b1-intro Na Koja Abad intro cutscene
Na Koja Abad Temporary M03BTemp Na Koja Abad ambient theme, probably unused
Na Koja Abad Fight loop 2 M03_fite_loop2 Na Koja Abad fight theme, also used in Ultimate Community MapPack 2 of UT2004 (as UCMP2-MercFight).
Na Koja Abad Fight loop M03_fite_loop Na Koja Abad fight theme
Mission 09 Outro m09f_outro Unknown
Mission 10 Final Scene M10_FinalScene Unknown
Drakk Hive M3_walk_loop Drakk Homeworld theme
Marshal Outro marsh_outro Sanctuary jungle outro cutscene
Mission 01 Mission_01 Unknown, probably ambient theme of a cut out map
Na Koja Abad Ambient Mission_03A Na Koja Abad ambient theme
Sanctuary Ambient Mission_03B Sanctuary ambient theme
Hazardous Water 3 Mission_07Ambient Unused, ambient theme originally made for a map of the Shian (doesn't appear as truly ambient)
Hazardous Water 2 Mission_07Battle Unused, battle theme originally made for a map of the Shian
Hazardous Water 1 Mission_07Underwater Unused, underwater theme originally made for a map of the Shian
Return to Avalon PA_AVALONB_Music Avalon cannon cutscene
PA Hell PA_HELL Unused, might have been made for the Hell level
PAHell PAHELL Unused, might have been made for the Hell level
PA Short Music PA_SHORT_Music Unknown, sounds like Return to Avalon
Return from Acheron PD_ACHER Return from Acheron cutscene
Return from Acheron PD_AVALO Return from Avalon cutscene
Return from Acheron PD_HELL2 Return from Hell cutscene
PD Hell PD_HELL Unused, seems to be originally the Return from Hell cutscene
PD Triumph Music PD_Triumph_Music Unknown, probably unused
Rhythm Rhythm Unused, either a cut out single player map or a deathmatch map
The Skaarj Skaarj Unused, likely a left-over from this 2000 UE2 Tech Demo, composed by Alexander Brandon
Tension 2 Tension2 Unused, likely a left-over from this 2000 UE2 Tech Demo, composed by Alexander Brandon
Tension Tension Unused, either a cut out single player map or a deathmatch map
Tutorial A tutorial_A Avalon theme
Unreal II unreal2 Unused, originally either the end theme or the main menu theme
Upward Upward Unused, either a cut out single player map or a deathmatch map (Egyptian accents)
Direct Music tracks

Note: they have .con extension and needs special software to play.

Title Filename Uses
Acheron AcheronE3 Acheron music
Kalydon/Liandri Angels Angels Kalydon music
Approach Body Unknown
Drakk Boss DrakkBoss End of the Drakk Hive level, the boss fight, composed by Alexander Brandon
Intro Intro The flyby of Unreal II
Hell M01 Hell music
Sanctuary M08 Sanctuary music
Sulferon Sulferon Sulferon music, composed by Alexander Brandon

Unreal Tournament

Like Unreal, Unreal Tournament features music in the UMX file format. The music is mostly techno, although there are clear influences from the style seen in Unreal.

UT's music was primarily composed by the composers who worked on Unreal (Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos).

Title Filename Sections Example Use Author
Botpack #9(By Michiel) Botmca9 1 DM-Phobos Michiel van den Bos
BotMCA#10 (By Michiel) Botpck10 1 DM-Tempest Michiel van den Bos
Cannonade Cannon 1 DOM-Condemned Michiel van den Bos[?]
Colossus (Michiel) Colossus 1 AS-Rook Michiel van den Bos
The Course Course 1 DM-Curse][ Michiel van den Bos
Room of Champions Credits 1 Unused Alexander Brandon & Michiel van den Bos
Ending Ending 1 Trophy Room Alexander Brandon
Unreal Add-on (Enigma) Enigma 1 DOM-Cryptic Basehead (Dan Gardopée)
FireBreath firebr 1 CTF-Coret Teque (Tero Kostermaa) & Nitro (Kaj-Eerik Komppa)
Foregone Destruction Foregone 1 CTF-Face Michiel van den Bos
Go Down Godown 1 DM-Deck16][ Alexander Brandon
Lock Lock 1 DM-KGalleon Alexander Brandon[?]
Mechanism Eight - necros/ Mech8 2 DM-Zeto Necros (Andrew Sega)
Mission Landing Mission 1 AS-Overlord Michiel van den Bos
Nether Animal Nether 1 DM-Fetid Michiel van den Bos[?]
Organic Organic 1 Unused Alexander Brandon
Phantom Phantom 1 DM-Barricade Michiel van den Bos & Alexander Brandon
Razorback // Unreal Mix Razor-ub 2 DM-Liandri Skaven (Peter Hajba)
Run Run 1 DM-Conveyor Michiel van den Bos
Save Me SaveMe 1 DM-Morpheus Alexander Brandon
Save Me G-Mix Savemeg 1 Unused Alexander Brandon
Unreal Add-on (Seeker) Seeker 1 CTF-November Basehead (Dan Gardopée)
Unreal Add-on (Seeker2) Seeker2 1 CTF-Noxion16 Basehead (Dan Gardopée)
Skyward Fire Skyward 1 CTF-LavaGiant Michiel van den Bos
Into the Darkness Strider 1 DM-Stalwart Alexander Brandon
Superfist Suprfist 1 DM-HealPod][ Alexander Brandon
Underworld 2 UnWorld2 1 DOM-Sesmar Alexander Brandon
Unreal Tournament Menu utmenu23 1 Menu Screen Alexander Brandon
Unreal Tournament Title UTtitle 1 CityIntro Michiel van den Bos
Three Wheels Turning Wheels 1 CTF-Cybrosis][ Alexander Brandon

Unreal Tournament 2003

UT2003 features music in the Ogg Vorbis format. The music is more orchestral in nature than that of UT, but also features some hard rock and electronic songs.

UT2003's music was composed by Kevin Riepl and Starsky Partridge.

  • Assault
  • Chemical Burn
  • DeathMatch 1
  • Ending Sequence
  • From Below V2
  • Ghosts of Anubis
  • Hell
  • Infernal Realm
  • Jug's Entrance
  • Level1
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level4
  • Level5
  • Level6
  • Level7
  • Level8
  • Level9
  • Level10
  • Level11
  • Level12
  • Level13
  • Menu 01
  • Menu Music
  • Menu Music V2
  • Menu
  • Merc's Entrance
  • Pharaoh's Revenge
  • Sniper Time
  • Stage Music
  • Tomb of Horus
  • WasteLand

Unreal Tournament 2004

Like UT2003, UT2004 features music in the Ogg Vorbis format. UT2004 uses music from UT2003, as well as new tracks. Composers credited for UT2004 music include Will Nevins (Sound Design Group, SDG-), Kevin Riepl (KR-) and Starsky Partridge (Level#)


  • Intro_Music
  • Jugs-Entrance
  • KR-Absolute_Zero
  • KR-Action1
  • KR-Action2v2
  • KR-Action3
  • KR-Assault
  • KR-Atlantis
  • KR-Chemical-Burn
  • KR-City
  • KR-Collision-Course
  • KR-Conduit-v2
  • KR-Convoy
  • KR-Corrugation-Rise
  • KR-DM1
  • KR-EndingSequence
  • KR-From-Below-v2
  • KR-Ghosts-of-Anubis
  • KR-Glacier
  • KR-Hyperblast-Redux
  • KR-Infernal-Realm
  • KR-Infiltrate
  • KR-Junkyard
  • KR-MenuMusic-v2
  • KR-Metallurgy
  • KR-Morpheus3
  • KR-Pharaohs-Revenge
  • KR-Rankin
  • KR-RobotFactory
  • KR-Roughinery
  • KR-Serenity
  • KR-SkaarjAssault
  • KR-SkyScraper
  • KR-Slaughter
  • KR-Sniper-Time
  • KR-Sulphur
  • KR-Tomb-of-Horus
  • KR-UT2003-Menu
  • KR-UT2004-Menu
  • KR-WasteLand
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level5
  • Level6
  • Level7
  • Level8
  • Level9
  • Level11
  • Level13
  • Level15
  • Level16
  • Menu1
  • Mercs-Entrance
  • SDG-ONS01
  • SDG-ONS02
  • SDG-ONS03
  • SDG-ONS04
  • SDG-ONS05
  • SDG-ONS06
  • SDG-ONS08
  • StageMusic

Unreal Tournament 3

UT3 features both music in the Ogg Vorbis format as well as dynamic music of an unknown format. According to UT3's Audio Director Mike Larson, after the more orchestral music of UT2003 and UT2004 it became clear that "an overwhelming majority of users" preferred the original UT music. This, and the wish to make a clear distinction between the UT series and Gears of War lead to the decision to return to electronica. Some of the tracks are remixes of original UT tracks, or feature small samples from UT tracks. [1]

UT3's music was composed by Rom Di Prisco (electronic and remix tracks), Jesper Kyd (darker, more organic tracks used in Necris and Izanagi maps), and Kevin Riepl (mostly cut scene music).

CD 1
Track # Title Duration Author Example Use
1 Unreal Tournament Theme (UT3 Remix) 2:02 Rom Di Prisco Unused
2 Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Remix) 3:34 Rom Di Prisco Main Menu
3 Tactical Agenda 4:48 Rom Di Prisco Mission Select Screen
4 ONS01 (UT3 Remix) 4:27 Rom Di Prisco WAR-TankCrossing
5 Mekalopolis 5:36 Rom Di Prisco Unused
6 Skyward Fire (UT3 Remix) 5:04 Rom Di Prisco WAR-Torlan
7 Afterburn 4:06 Rom Di Prisco DM-Biohazard
8 Go Down (UT3 Remix) 3:11 Rom Di Prisco DM-Deck
9 Quantum Velocity 4:58 Rom Di Prisco DM-Fearless
10 Foregone Destruction (UT3 Remix) 5:02 Rom Di Prisco CTF-FacingWorlds
11 Suborbital Graviton 3:23 Rom Di Prisco Unused
12 Skylab 9000 4:04 Rom Di Prisco DM-Deimos
13 Deploy And Assault 3:52 Rom Di Prisco Unused
14 Defector 4:34 Rom Di Prisco VCTF-Kargo
15 Firestorm 5:13 Rom Di Prisco VCTF-Containment
16 Mechanism Eight (UT3 Remix) 3:32 Rom Di Prisco DM-Arsenal
17 Plasma Oscillator 3:50 Rom Di Prisco VCTF-Suspense
18 Frozen Babylon 3:37 Rom Di Prisco DM-Gateway
CD 2
Track # Title Duration Author Example Use
1 Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Reconstruction) 2:51 Jesper Kyd Unused
2 LockDown 4:48 Jesper Kyd CTF-OmicronDawn
3 To The Death 6:00 Jesper Kyd DM-Diesel
4 Robo Mall 8:55 Jesper Kyd DM-CarbonFire
5 Necris Attacks 4:03 Jesper Kyd DM-Sentinel
6 Outpost 4:55 Jesper Kyd DM-Defiance
7 Tactical Agenda (Nanoblack Remix) 3:42 Rom Di Prisco Unused
8 Necrimanci 4:37 Rom Di Prisco DM-HeatRay
9 Sanktuary 4:26 Rom Di Prisco WAR-Floodgate
10 Necris Attacks (Extended Version) 6:20 Jesper Kyd VCTF-Necropolis
11 Outpost (Extended Version) 6:34 Jesper Kyd VCTF-Corruption
12 Tactical Agenda (Jade Dragon Remix) 4:12 Rom Di Prisco Unused
13 Bushido 4:02 Rom Di Prisco DM-Sanctuary
14 Temple Of Shambhala 4:04 Rom DiPrisco DM-RisingSun
15 World Of Liandri 4:49 Jesper Kyd DM-ShangriLa
Other Tracks
Title Duration Author Example Use
Intro Music 3:43 Kevin Riepl Intro cutscene
Intro Alternate 3:37 Kevin Riepl Unused
Tutorial Music 1:57 Kevin Riepl Tutorial cutscene
Necris Attack 3:06 Kevin Riepl Necris Attack cutscene
NEG Intercedes 1:52 Kevin Riepl NEG Intercedes cutscene
Malcolm Betrayal 1:37 Kevin Riepl Malcolm Betrayal cutscene
Conclusion 2:44 Kevin Riepl Conclusion cutscene
KR-UT3-Coret 6:51 Kevin Riepl CTF-Coret
KR-UT3-Strident 6:58 Kevin Riepl WAR-Downtown

Unreal Championship

The music for Unreal Championship was composed by Starsky Partridge. Since UT2003 was ported from Unreal Championship, some of these tracks appear in UT2003 and in UT2004.


Title Duration Other Appearances Example Use
Level1 7:02 None
Level2 5:47 UT2003, UT2004
Level3 3:14 UT2003, UT2004
Level4 4:36 None
Level5 5:48 UT2003, UT2004
Level6 5:31 UT2003, UT2004
Level7 4:48 UT2004
Level8 3:35 UT2003, UT2004
Level9 4:21 UT2004
Level10 4:49 None
Level11 3:35 UT2004
Level12 4:58 None
Level13 4:48 UT2003, UT2004
Level14 4:24 None
Level15 3:40 UT2004
Level16 4:15 UT2004
MenuMusic 3:39 None Main Menu
Victory 0:29 None Ending Sequence

Unreal Championship 2

UC2 features music in the Ogg Vorbis format. Due to the game's Nakhti setting, the tracks are influenced by "ancient Egyptian"-sounding music.

UC2's music was composed by Kevin Riepl. Many of the tracks were named after the map they appear in.


Title Duration Example Use
Abydos 2:20 DM-Remnant
Acid Rain 2:28 DM-AcidRain
Adoratrice 2:06 DM-Meridian
Arctic Decay 2:34 DM-Decay
Ascension Conclusion 2:12 Ascension Conclusion cutscene
Axon 2:24 DM-AxonCompressor
Bakhu Ruins 2:17 DM-Apex
Cancer 2:43 OD-Cancer
Cenotaph 2:22 OD-Obelisk
Cold Fusion 2:18 DM-ColdFusion
Columns 2:05 DM-Nexus
Deep Core 2:22 DM-DeepCore
Descension 3:31 CTF-Octane
Gauntlet 2:15 CTF-GauntletII
Khepri 2:06 DM-Horizon
Legacy (Anubis Fights Selket) 2:26 DM-Legacy
Nakhti Ruins 2:36 DM-Eternal
Nakhti Temple 2:00 DM-Ascension
Nu Battle 2:24 Main Menu
Recoil 2:29 CTF-Recoil
Temple Udjat 2:04 DM-Praxis
Tournament Fanfare 0:56 Ascension Playoffs cutscene
Transistor 2:14 CTF-Transistor
UC2 Theme (UT Theme Redux) 1:57


There have been two official Unreal soundtracks.

A History of Unreal music

The Unreal Anthology features an Unreal series soundtrack called "A History of Unreal music". It is one Red Book audio CD containing approximately 73 minutes of music spread over 23 tracks.[2]

See also the "Music" sections in the games' articles: Unreal, Return to Na Pali, UT, UT2004.

  1. Flightcastle (0:51)
  2. Shared Dig (2:34)
  3. Dusk Horizon (2:31)
  4. Bluff Eversmoking (3:57)
  5. Isotoxin (4:09)
  6. Unreal Temple (Crypt) (4:12)
    Unreal: Return to Na Pali
  1. Black Wind (3:10)
    Unreal Tournament
  1. Unreal Tournament Menu (2:00)
  2. Foregone Destruction (4:11)
  3. Go Down (3:00)
  4. Botpack Nine (4:49)
  5. Mechanism Eight (6:12)
  6. Skyward Fire (4:56)
  7. Razorback (4:49)
  8. The Course (4:28)
    UT 2004
  1. UTMenu Redux (4:14)
  2. Ghost of Anubis (2:01)
  3. Infernal Realm (1:59)
  4. Assault (1:59)
  5. Arena (0:53)
  6. From Below (1:59)
  7. Sniper Time (2:00)
  8. Onslaught One (3:48)

Unreal Tournament III: The Soundtrack

An UT3 soundtrack called "Unreal Tournament III: The Soundtrack" was released by Sumthing Else Music Works.[3] It is a set of two Red Book audio CDs containing approximately 150 minutes of music spread over 33 tracks.[4]

See also the UT3 article music section.

Disc 1

  1. Unreal Tournament Theme (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  2. Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  3. Tactical Agenda - Rom Di Prisco
  4. ONS01 (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  5. Mekalopolis - Rom Di Prisco
  6. Skyward Fire (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  7. Afterburn - Rom Di Prisco
  8. Go Down (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  9. Quantum Velocity - Rom Di Prisco
  10. Foregone Destruction (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  11. Suborbital Graviton - Rom Di Prisco
  12. Skylab 9000 - Rom Di Prisco
  13. Deploy And Assault - Rom Di Prisco
  14. Defector - Rom Di Prisco
  15. Firestorm - Rom Di Prisco
  16. Mechanism Eight (UT3 Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  17. Plasma Oscillator - Rom Di Prisco
  18. Frozen Babylon - Rom Di Prisco

Disc 2

  1. Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Reconstruction) - Jesper Kyd
  2. LockDown - Jesper Kyd
  3. To The Death - Jesper Kyd
  4. Robo Mall - Jesper Kyd
  5. Necris Attacks - Jesper Kyd
  6. Outpost - Jesper Kyd
  7. Tactical Agenda (Nanoblack Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  8. Necrimanci - Rom Di Prisco
  9. Sanktuary - Rom Di Prisco
  10. Necris Attacks (Extended Version) - Jesper Kyd
  11. Outpost (Extended Version) - Jesper Kyd
  12. Tactical Agenda (Jade Dragon Remix) - Rom Di Prisco
  13. Bushido - Rom Di Prisco
  14. Temple Of Shambhala - Rom Di Prisco
  15. World Of Liandri - Jesper Kyd






  • Three official UT2003/2004 maps (CTF-Geothermal, DOM-ScorchedEarth, and ONS-Tricky) have typographical errors in their audio properties that cause them to not have associated music. This issue can be fixed by adding ogg files to your UT2003 or UT2004 Music directory that match the typos:
    • KR-SniperTime.ogg (Enables music in Geothermal)
    • KR-ChemicalBurn .ogg (Enables music in Scorched Earth, note the space after 'burn')
    • KR-Action2v2.ogg.ogg (Enables music in Tricky, note the extra '.ogg')
  • Unlike most types of UT2003/2004 files, the ogg files that ship with the game can be modified, replaced, or deleted with no ill effects. This can allow users to customize their soundtracks by replacing the default ogg files. Programs like [Foobar 2000] can be used to encode ogg files from other types of media, and Foobar even has the option to convert multiple songs into a single file, essentially allowing users to create playlists to replace individual songs.